Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s coverage of Lucha Underground. Tonight we’ll see a submission match between Sexy Star and Pentagon Jr!

– Dario Cueto meets Chavo in the back, where it is revealed Cueto had hired Guerrero to take out Black Lotus. Chavo says his loyalty is where the money is, so Cueto hands him a bunch of it. Cueto is then talking to Jack Evans and Argenis, and says the winner of their match will get a medallion.

Argenis vs. Jack Evans

Evans lands a cheap shot early on, but gets powerbombed and hit in the gonads by Argenis, which the crowd loves. Evans hits a standing corkscrew moonsault that gets two and applies an armbar as the announcers put over his MMA training.

Argenis hits a big German suplex and a dive to the floor, an Evans answers with one of his own. Argenis hits a Michinoku Driver, but Evans backslides him for the pinfall. No medallion is handed out.

Winner: Jack Evans via pinfall

– Daivari lets Ryck know they have a trios title match. Ryck wants The Mack, but Cage beats him up so he can get a shot.

– Black Lotus knows some screwy stuff is going on and narrowly avoids a beat down by the Crew. Instead, Chavo jumps and gets cuffs.

Lucha Underground Trios Titles
Son Of Havoc, Angelico & Ivelisse vs. Big Ryck, Daivari & Cage

Angelico and Cage start out, as Cage heaves him around the ring and attacks him in the corner. Daivari pops in and hits a headscissors followed by a nice handspring elbow and a moonsault for a two count.

Angelico lands forearms to both big men, as Ivelisse gets frustrated and sits in the crowd. The heels control the match and Angelico is getting beaten down bad before he reverses a powerbomb for a two count. Daivari gets tagged back in and hits a nice backdrop. Texano pops up and interferes on behalf of the champions and Havoc gets a shooting star press for the win!

Winners: Son of Havoc, Ivelisse & Angelico via pinfall (Shooting Star Press) to retain the Lucha Underground Trios Championships

– We’re back to Dario Cueto’s office. The Crew and Chavo have Lotus tied up as he threatens to feed her to his brother or something.

Submission Match
Sexy Star vs. Pentagon Jr

Pentagon attacks Star with hard chops. I mean really, really hard. He’s beating the hell out of her. After an extended beating, Star knees Pentagon in the face, lands a huracanrana and scores a big flip dive to the floor.

Pentagon applies a La Mistica, but can’t get Star to submit, and the two end up trading big kicks. Pentagon throws on a leg lock that Star is able to get out of, but then nearly kills her with a superkick. Somehow Star comes back and hits a spinebuster and a half crab, but Pentagon won’t give up. Super Fly shows up and drills her with in the face, allowing Pentagon to score a package piledriver. Shortly after she submits to a surfboard chinlock. Pentagon is your winner.

Winner: Pentagon Jr.

Pentagon goes to break Sexy Star’s arm, but Vampiro stops it. We see Vampiro backstage before as he headbutts a mirror to end the show.

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