Ronda Rousey On If Shaq Can Last With Her, Jon Jones Alleged Hit-And-Run Police Video, Dana On Jones

- The Albuquerque Police Department has released crime scene footage of Jon Jones' hit-and-run incident from earlier this year. Police officers can be seen responding to the accident, as well as talking to the victim and discovering that a vehicle belongs to Jones. The 911 call is also included. You can see the video above.

- Speaking of Jon Jones, UFC President Dana White was interviewed by the Palm Beach Post and asked what Jones would have to do to get in the good graces of the company.

"Obviously he's got to get through his legal situation and then we'll go from there," White said.

Jones was stripped of his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship, which now belongs to rival Daniel Cormier.

- NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal made a bit of a challenge last week when on he said he could last 45 seconds in the cage with UFC Women's Bantamweight Ronda Rousey. The challenge is based off the Entourage trailer, where Rousey sees if Turtle can last a minute in the Octagon with her.

Rousey agreed with Shaq, telling TMZ "Yeah, if a chick could last past 45 seconds, I don't see why Shaq couldn't." You can see the video of her comment below.

Damien Demento, 777 and L.O.S. The Butcher contributed to this article.


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