TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Spud Makes His Decision, James Storm Goes Mad, Knockouts, More

Welcome to our Live Impact Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

Josh Matthews is announcing with The Pope. We get a video about Ethan Carter's wining streak. The show then opens with Carter and some presidential-themed festivities. Amusingly, Carter has his own group of Barbershop quartet-style singers who sing his theme song off-key. ECIII gets on the mic and says he's "Number One." He says "Mission Accomplished" and emphasizes he's the new top contender. Carter teases Tyrus about dancing, a nod to his WWE gimmick, and this is met with a rather nasty look. Carter says his main goal now is to win the TNA World Title. Kurt Angle comes out.

Kurt mocks Carter and says he's a joke. He reminds Carter that Destination X is next week and Spud can cash in his title shot and get Kurt first. Carter says he'll make Spud an offer he can't refuse. Carter asks his choir to sing goodbye to Kurt...and he proceeds to attack one of them and hits the Angle slam. Oh, Kurt. I think he's just jealous he doesn't have his own personal barbershop quartet. The announcers tease Bobby Lashley vs. Eric Young next and we go to commercial.

Bobby Lashley vs. Eric Young

We're back. Lashley dominates Young right away and sends him out of the ring. Eric tries weakly to fight back but Lashley hits him with a delayed vertical suplex. Back in the ring, Young hits him with some kicks to the gut to get the advantage back. Young hits a snapmare and continues to work on Lashley's neck. Young goes up top but Lashley's too fast for him and gets a belly-to-belly suplex. Lashley gets a two count with the spinebuster. Young escapes the dominator before fighting back with some forearm shots. Chris Melendez then comes down to the ring and distracts Young, allowing Lashley to hit the Spear for the one-two-three. It is made clear Melendez is looking for revenge for Young's actions two weeks ago.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

We get a backstage segment with Spud and his X Division belt. Spud says he's been working for this belt for 14 years and now he can trade it all in for a shot at Angle's World title. Spud is unsure what to do.

The Dollhouse are backstage. The song Doll Parts is playing in the background. They laugh about what they did to Gail Kim last week on Impact. Taryn Terrell teases something major for Destination X next week.

Chris Melendez cuts a promo on Eric Young. He says Young has something in him he hasn't felt since the war. He says Young has taken him to the danger zone. He challenges Young to a match.

Austin Aries sits down to talk with Spud about his decision. He says Spud needs to seriously think about it. He doesn't seem to think Spud is ready. We get a KO highlight video. Jade vs. Brooke is next.

Jade vs. Brooke

Brooke tries to roll up Jade early for a two count. She hits a jack knife for another two. Jade fights back with a drop kick. Marti tries to interfere on the floor. She sends Brooke back into the ring. Jade covers her for a two. Brooke tries to fight back as Jade dominates and chokes her in the corner. Then Jade accidentally kicks Marti and misses a springboard moonsault. Brooke comes back and goes for the X Factor and gets the one-two-free.

Winner: Brooke

Jeremy Borash notes to the audience that "from time to time he's assigned duties he's uncomfortable with." He turns to ECIII. Carter thanks him and says that while Spud has talent, he is not yet ready to be the man who carries the company on his shoulders.

We see Marti and Jade attack Rebel as retaliation for Rebel's friend Brooke's victory over Jade earlier. This is a pretty nasty attack. Brooke was busy in the shower, we're told. The BDC and The Rising come down to the ring.

The BDC vs. The Rising.

Eli and MVP start out. Eli hits a great-looking flying elbow. A Kenny King distracts helps MVP gain the advantage and hits Eli with a kick to the face. Kenny tags in and hits a suplex for the two count. The BDC all work over Eli for a few moments. Ki and Eli face off for a while then Eli is finally able to make the tag to Drew. Drew hits Ki with a vicious kick and goes for the three count but King runs in and breaks it up. Mica then takes out King with a dive on the floor while Ki and Drew continue to fight in the ring. MVP goes after Galloway then Eli goes after him. Mica and Drew then hit a doomsday device for the win. This was the second doomsday device of the night if you were watching ROH.

Winner: The Rising

We see Carter and Tyrus backstage saying they are going to talk to Spud about his decision. A recap video of the Mickie James/Magnus/James Storm storyline airs. We see Mickie in Nashville.

Spud comes to the ring while they show a video of him winning the X Division belt back last week. Borash asks if he'll give it up for a world title shot. Kurt Angle then comes out. Angle says he respects Spud but tells Spud to realize what he is up against. Spud looks very conflicted.The ECIII crashes the segment just as Spud is trying to decide. ECIII says he just got off the phne with "Aunt D" and says Spud will have a lifetime contract as Chief of Staff if he doesn't cash in his title. Spud then says he remembers how he was beaten and humiliated last time. He says Carter has never had to work hard for anything his whole life, while he's had to work for 14 years to make it in the business. He then tells Carter to take his job offer and "stick it up his a**!" because "I'm cashing in!" Carter attacks Spud. Kurt gets involved and demands a tag match tonight: Kurt and Spud vs. Tyrus and Carter.

The Dirty Heels talk backstage about how they desperately need a win tonight. Aries hands Roode his t-shirt.

We see Storm and Mickie talking. Storm asks her and her son to join The Revolution. She says no but tries to be as nice as possible about it. The two share a hug.

The Wolves vs. The Dirty Heels

Davey and Aries start out, Davey is hit with the Last Chancery but manages to get to the ropes. Roode tags in and goes after with with some kicks. Wolves hit Roode with the double stomp, with Davey going after Roode's arm with a vengeance. The Wolves go for a drop toehold and kneedrop but only get the two. Aries tags in but gets backdropped almost immediately. Thanks to some team work by the heels and Roode saving Aries from a double dive, they gain the advantage as we head to commercial.

We come back and the heels are in control. Roode is hitting a Gordbuster on Davey. Davey tries to fight back with the double stomp but Roode brutalizes him in the corner and hits him with punches and chops. Davey manages to tag into Edwards, who runs in, dropkicks Austin and attacks Roode with a shining wizard and hits an inverted flying arrow to Aries. Roode and Aries fight back and go for a double suplex on Eddie but Davey breaks it up. The wolves got a Stereo Double Suicida on the floor. The crowd goes crazy and we get a very loud TNA chant.

Back in the ring, Roode gets hit with kicks and a German suplex for a two. Roode fights back and manages to dominate Eddie with Aries' help, but he still can't get the three count. Roode hits Spinebuster for a near fall. Aries hits Davey with a dive. Aries then gets a chair and slides it in but Roode is apparently reluctant to use it. The ref tries to get Austin out of the way. Suddenly, Roode drops the nice guy act and hits a low blow and chair shot on Edwards while Aries is distracting the referee. The dirty heels are back in the game!

Winner: The Dirty Heels.

We see security camera footage of Storm and Mickie at the train station in Nashville. Suddenly, he throws her off the platform and onto the train tracks! Storm says to Magnus that Mickie won't be home for dinner and casually whistles as he walks away. Wait, did this guy just attempt to murder this woman? Someone call the police! We have camera footage! A crime has occurred!

Madison Reigns is in the ring. She complains about her career and says that if you're not Gail Kim or a member of The Dollhouse, you aren't getting anywhere. That's hard to argue with. She then calls out Velvet Sky because she resents the attention she has been getting. Velvet comes out and Madison slaps her. Sky responds by spearing her and hitting a stunner before Angelina appears. Angelina says Madison is "a very good friend of mine." Angelina sends her security guys to the ring, but Velvet attacks them. They eventually manage to handcuff her. Love then enters the ring and trashes and hits her before the security people drag her off. Oh, then another team of security guys come down and arrest Angelina for attacking a fan. What a crazy segment this was.

We come back from commercial and Taryn hypes up her title match with Kong. She wants to reveal a whole new side of the Knockouts division.

Kurt Angle and Spud vs. ECIII and Tyrus

Spud and Carter start out, with Spud going crazy and hitting Carter with loads of chops. Carter tries to back into the corner to avoid the barrage of shots. Spud hits a few elbow shots ad a dropkick before Tyrus attacks him. Tyrus tags in and hits the chokeslam on Spud. Tyrus and ECIII double team Spud for a while, with Tyrus even standing on his back and Carter stomping him in the corner. Angle tries to get the crowd to rally behind Spud. Spud eventually manages to fight through the pain and make the tag to Angle. Carter tags in Angle at the same moment. Angle runs wild on Carter and Tyrus. Angle is caught by Tyrus after he goes up top but Spud saves him with a missle dropkick. Angle hits the Angle slam on Tyrus and Spud goes in for the three count.

Winners: Spud and Kurt Angle.

Spud and Kurt Angle exchanges heavy stares. The Aries comes down to the ring. Aries tells Spud he admires his heart and courage but questions his decision making. Aries notes that while Spud intends to cash in, Aries still has his Feast for Fired briefcase. Aries says at Destination X he will cash in and face whoever wins the Angle/Spud bout. Everyone looks stunned as the show goes off the air.

That's it for tonight, folks. Thanks for reading!


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