TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Jeff Jarrett Returns, Full Metal Mayhem, Vader, Knockouts, More

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Ethan Carter III and Tyrus meet with Borash and inform him that Angle will face a star from TNA's past tonight. A video airs of Carter's bout with Lashley last week.

Angle comes down to the ring. He says in 7 days he will prove there is no one better in pro wrestling. He says he'll beat whomever Carter has planed for him tonight. Carter and Tyrus come down to the ring. Carter says that while Angle might be the best, it's only for now. Angle tells Carter he'll tap next week and that whomever his opponent tonight is, they'll tap out too. Carter says he'll never tap and lists everyone he's beaten from Sting to Lashley. Angle calls Carter egotistical and says next week his streak will end. Carter brings out Matt Hardy...he's Angle's opponent.

On commentary, Matthews and Pope hype up Full Metal Mayhem with the Dirty Heels and the Wolves. Angelina Love will also take on the returning Velvet Sky. If Velvet wins, she gets to return to Impact Wrestling full-time.

Low Ki vs. Tigre Uno vs. Grado for the X Division title

Ki dominates the match to start with using a series of brutal-looking chops. He slaps Grado ad sends Tigre to the floor. Uno fights back with kicks. Grado goes up top, but Ki stops him and hits him with the Warrior's Way to eliminate him from the match. It's down to Uno and Ki. Uno hits the body-scissors and goes for a roll up but only gets a two count. Uno continues to pummel Ki i the corner. Low Ki fights back and hits a gourdburster for the two. Low Ki continues to fight with kicks. Low Ki goes up, but Tigre crotches him and hits the springboard rana for a two count. Low Ki misses the dropkick and Tigre hits the red arrow for the win.

Winner: Tigre Uno

Promo with Bram. He hates everyone, especially old people. That's nice.

We get a recap video of the feud between The Wolves and Dirty Heels thus far. Taryn Terrell is backstage. She's not happy she has to face Kong and Brooke but she announces at Slammiversary she will team up with Marti and Jade to take on Kong and Brooke. She says "Playtime is over."

We get a rundown of the Slammiversary card by Pope and Matthews.

Angelina trash talks Velvet and says she is never ever coming back to TNA.

Velvet Sky vs. Angelina Love

Velvet comes out to new (not very good) entrance music. The bell rings and Velvet goes for Angelia right away, banging her head into the turnbuckle. She hits s clothesline and sends Love throw the ropes onto the floor outside. Sky heads outside and continues to brutalize her. She sends her into the steel steps. She throws Angelina back inside but Angelina has recovered enough and manages to dropkick her out of the ring. Love heads out to the outside and shoves Velvet back into the ring. She goes for a cover but only gets the two count. Sky tries to fight back but Love hits her with a big lariat. Love spends a bit too long mocking the fans, giving Velvet enough time to come back with a clothesline and some kicks. Love fights back with the Botox Injection but Sky kicks out a two and turns around and hits a stunner for the victory.

Winner: Velvet Sky

We have a promo spot where MVP says the BDC is coming back bigger and better than ever.

The Dirty heels vs. Wolves in a Full Metal Mayhem match

Reminder: This is match four of their best of five series. Wolves go on the attack right away with chops and stomps. Double team bodydrop on Aries and an elbow in the corner to Roode. Eddie continues to hit Roode with elbow drops. Aries goes to get a chair and him and Roode discuss strategy. Wolves go for the dive but eat a ladder shot instead. The bad guys mock the crowd as we head for a commercial.

We come back with the Heels dominated the Wolves with chinlocks. Davey eats a nasty trash lid shot. Eddie fights back with kicks while Davey grabs a steel chair and runs wild with shots. Eddie gets a trash can lid and also goes to town on the heels. Wolves hit three dives on the heels. Wow.
Wolves continue to dominate the heels and go for a Falcon Arrow but only get a two count. Richards brings in a steel chain and raps it around his boot. He goes to Aries but Aries hits the Last Channery and goes for the roll up. Eddie,still holding the trash can lid, breaks up the pin. Austin and Eddie brawl and Austin hits a suicide dive on Davey. Roode brings in the table and begins to set it up while Aries gets on the top rope. The heels with a powerbomb and missle dropkick to Eddie to send him through the table, but Davey Richards breaks up the count. Eddie is trying to recover as the heels attack him with the big ladder. Great spot wheere the Wolves go to separate ends of the ring and hit a doube Van Terminator to Aries. Roode saves Aries from the three count. He throws a chair to Davey and hits a double powerbomb and backbreaker and low blow on Eddie to win the match.

Winner: Dirty Heels.

Jeremy Borash talks to Matt Hardy. Hardy says he became a dad yesterday and wants to be TNA world champion. He says he does't like Ethan Carter. Carter shows up and tells Matt he'll be champion soon.

Karen and Jeff Jarrett come to the ring. There's a shocker.

Jeff jokes that hell has frozen over with the owners of Global Force Wrestling in a TNA ring. He says he'll answer some questions tonight and some at a later date. He says he was in Raleigh recently and got a text from some people in TNA management. He wondered what it was. He says TNA called him about being a match. He wasn't interested until he found out it would be a King of the Mountain match at the Slammiversary show.

Jeff says he wondered how it would affect Global Force wrestling. How would it affect his wife? Karen admits she did't want Jeff to return. She thought TNA was in their past. But Jeff explained how much TNA meant to him and she accepts it's his decision and she will support him in everything he chooses to do in his life. She says they were on the phone with some GFW talent crying but Sonjay Dutt surprised her and said Jeff should have a chance to leave TNA the way he wanted to.

Jeff is officially in the King of the Mountain last time. And with this, the most intriguing Impact storyline in ages, we head for a commercial.

Bram vs. Vader

Bram looks very happy to see Vader. A lock up to start things. Vader hits Bram with corner punches and a lariat. Vader trash talks Bram and sends him out of the rig. Man, Bram is getting dominated.
Bram fights back with some punches and even manages to get Vader's mask off. Undeterred, Vader continues to brutalize him and hits the Vader Bomb but Bram is able to get his foot on the rope. Bram recovers and gets a wrench and attacks Vader's ribs with it, causing Earl Hebner to call for a DQ.

Winner by DQ: Vader

Matt Morgan runs in and attacks Bram. Matt Morgan is back, everyone!

Chris Melendez vs. Eric Young

Young and Melendez lock up. Young gains the advantage and stomps Melendez in the corner with his boot. He trash talks. Josh says on commentary that Morgan vs. Bram is scheduled for Slammiversary. Young throws Melendez outside and starts mocking the crowd. Melendez craws back in and Young continues to brutalize him. Melendez tries to fight back but Young eventually hits a brutal-looking piledriver for the win. decent, short match that establishes Young as a killer. It was also a good showing for Melendez, who has a fair amount of potential.

Winner: Eric Young

BDC and The Rising get into a brawl on the aisle. Hernandez makes his return and hits the Border Toss on Drew Galloway.

Kurt Angle vs. Matt Hardy

Lock up to start off. Matt hits a swinging neckbreaker for the two. Matt hits a eye of the Hurricane but again only gets two. He sends Kurt to the corner but Kurt counters it into a belly to belly suplex. Davey Richards vs. Austi Aries is announced for the pay-per-view. Angle tries to gain control of Hardy but he fights back with a neckbreaker. Kurt hits some rolling Germans on Matt and goes for the Angle Slam but Matt counters with the Side Effect. He gets a two count on it. Angle goes for the Ankle Lock but Hardy is able to escape. Matt goes for the moonsault but misses. Angle loses the straps and hits a German. Hardy fights back with another side effect. He only gets a 2. He goes for two more side effects but still can't get the win. He hits the Twist of Fate but gets another two count, which stuns him. Getting desperate, he goes for another Twist of Fate but Angle is able to lock on the grapevine for the submission.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Carter and Tyrus show up and Tyrus takes out Matt. Angle hits the slam on Tyrus and get in the ankle lock on Carter. Impact ends with Carter tapping out like crazy.


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