Tyrus/Brodus Clay Says The Only Difference Between John Cena And PN News Was A Push, Talks Albert

Tyrus, also known as the former Brodus Clay spoke on the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show, and had an interesting take on John Cena's career. You can read the highlights below, and hear the full podcast at this link.

Lord Tensai/Jason Albert helping him:

"I think my game expanded tagging with him. So deep, man he knows so much he doesn't let anything bother him, where I'm more emotional. Everything bothers me. Like somebody says something sideways I'm like, 'I'm gonna kill that-' and he'll be like, 'Hey man, hey, relax it's okay forget it.' Perfect example, when we had to do that lingerie spot, I was more upset that he had to do that and he was like, 'Hey, we're going to make this work.' And we ended up being a tag team. I wanted us to turn heel together." "Performance-wise not seeing him is a disservice to the fans but as a trainer, I think you're going to start seeing this next generation of guys coming up under his tutelage, you're going to see a lot of guys that really got their stuff together. His influence, I mean he was he was in the Attitude Era and he was in after that, he was in New Japan, as far as like moves, psychology, and stuff I can't think of anyone better to be honest with you."

Memories of Dusty Rhodes:

"I mean, I couldn't have done [The Funkasaurus] without Dusty Rhodes. He was so instrumental in the whole character thing." "I spent the whole day with Dusty and he played 'Moves Like Jagger' and me and him danced to it in the arena all day. I actually have the footage but I was told I was never allowed to show it but I watched it the other day because I missed him." "This is the same guy when I first got there and I was about four hundred sixty pounds they told me I had to wear trunks. I was like, 'Oh my god, they hate me.' So what does Dusty do? He comes to work with his shirt off. He walks around the arena with his shirt off. 'If I can do it baby, you can do it.' "

John Cena's Funkasaurus name drop on Raw recently:

"Cena ran his mouth a couple weeks ago that I was lumped in with the XFL, son of a b---h, and I was like the XFL was cool. And listen, the only difference between him and P.N. News is that he got a push, because he wasn't the first rapping gimmick. He wasn't the first guy with a chain, he just won some titles. If he didn't he's just white P.N. News." "It's good. He wants to do an open challenge, keep running your mouth you know, you'll see the US Title in TNA. I'll keep it for as long as I want to. But yeah I mean it's one of those things where you know what my name's being dropped in three wrestling promotions in one week, why not."

Source: Chad Dukes Wrestling Show


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