As seen above, Global Wrestling has released a new video with Karen Jarrett talking about her husband Jeff Jarrett returning to TNA and GFW. Karen said she thought they both had closure on the TNA chapter in their lives but she found out Jeff didn’t. Karen said she still feels it’s all unnecessary and commented on this not being a storyline:

“All the tweets, everything on social media, all the different wrestling websites, people continue to talk about this being a storyline… this is not a storyline. This isn’t something that somebody pitched to the company. This is our real life. How did it feel stepping back into the impact Zone? Amazing. Backstage, seeing everyone and all the love the have for Jeff and myself. You know you miss people but you don’t realize how much you miss them until you see them in person.”

Karen also commented on how it felt to see Dixie Carter:

“How did it feel to see Dixie Carter? A lot of mixed emotions. I just want everything to be right out of this entire process. I want peace in our lives. Dixie and I saw each other, we hugged each other. Jeff and Dixie saw each other, they hugged each other. They say time heals all things and I’m hoping the time we’ve all had has healed everything that has happened between the three of us.”

Karen also talks about TNA and GFW possibly working together, saying the feedback has been tremendous. Karen closes it by saying Jeff is going to walk away from this all with peace and closure.