WWE Main Event Results (6/19): Ryback, Prime Time Players In Action, Miz & Jimmy Uso On Commentary

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of Main Event. Tonight features the WWE Tag Team Champions Prime Time Players in action.

- We start out with a Dusty Rhodes graphic tribute. Jimmy Uso is on commentary again.

Prime Time Players vs. The Ascension

Prime Time Players come out and teach the crowd how to do the "millions of dollars" dance, but get interrupted by Ascension. They talk some trash, but get the "what?" treatment from the crowd. Young goes after Conor early, scoring with a neckbreaker before tagging in Titus. Together, PTP do an assisted suplex splash and Titus barks.

Titus beats up both members of the Ascension, tossing Viktor around like a sack of potatoes as the crowd goes wild. Titus gets posted outside as we go to a commercial. When we come back, Ascension is working him over in the ring. Titus finally tags to Young, who hits clotheslines an a Northern Lights suplex on Viktor, but it's broken up. He lands the Gut Check, which finishes it.

Winner: Prime Time Players via pinfall (Gut Check)

- We see a recap of the Wyatt/Reigns program

King Barrett vs. Heath Slater

Heath Slater says he's inspired by R-Truth to come beat Barrett, because he thinks he should be King. Heath Slater wants to be the "King of the United States Championship." He gets attacked early, but sends Barrett to the outside before landing a nice slingshot corkscrew body press.

Slater gets booted before eating another big kick in the corner as Barrett applies a headlock. A jawbreaker helps Slater out and allows him to get a nice jumping kick for two. Slater counters the Bull Hammer with a neckbreaker for two, and he's dominating this match. Slater goes up top and is caught with a Bull Hammer for the pin.

Winner: King Barrett via pinfall (King Barrett)

R-Truth comes out as "King What's Up?" and officially pardons Little Jimmy. He also declares Barrett a royal jackass. Then he runs away.

Summer Rae vs. Naomi (w/ Tamina)

Naomi lands a double-foot Eat Defeat that only gets two right out of the gate. She hits Summer with leg drops and stomps for a two before throwing on a headlock. Summer Rae rolls her up out of nowhere for a two, but gets kicked for her troubles.

After an extended beat down, Summer guillotines Naomi, rolls into mount and doesn't pin Naomi for some reason. She lands a spin kick for two, but gets put in a stretch muffler and taps.

Winner: Naomi via submission (Stretch Muffler)

- Miz is out for commentary for the main event.

Ryback vs. Adam Rose (w/ Rosa Mendes)

Miz is great on the mic early on. Rose gets some offense, but is quickly outpowered. Ryback hangs Rose upside down in a suplex for almost 30 seconds, but Rose kicks out. Rose tries to run and ends up posting Ryback's arm, which allows him to get a missile dropkick for two.

Rose works over Ryback's arm extensively before applying an armbar. Ryback ends up running into the post again, which sets up a single-arm DDT from Rose for two. Rose then locks on an armbar, but Ryback powerbombs him three times out of it. Meat Hook, Shellshocked, the end.

Winner: Ryback via pinfall (Shellshocked)

Ryback chases Miz off to end the show.


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