WWE released their Key Performance Indicators today, and provided a list of the best selling DVD and Blu-rays from August 2014 to May of 2015.

Slam City has proven to be a huge success for the company, as the kid-friendly shows sold 119,000 copies, more than 27,000 above the next closest seller, WrestleMania 31. Despite being on the WWE Network for half the price, WrestleMania still met retail success.

The next three were special sets on Sting, The Attitude Era, and John Cena’s best rivalries. It’s worth noting that none of the top five sellers were the straight feature documentaries that WWE home video is often known for. Instead the features have brief segments that play before the matches. When they air on the WWE Network, they’re often converted to the documentary style.

You can see the list of the top 5 WWE DVD/Blu-Ray sellers below:

* Slam City ? 119,000

* WrestleMania 31 ? 92,000

* The Best of Sting ? 88,000

* Attitude Era Vol. 2 ? 83,000

* John Cena’s Greatest Rivalries ? 62,000