Chris Masters Talks Working In WWE, Training At OVW, Hour Long Matches, Differences In His Character

"The Adonis" Chris Mordetzky, formerly known as Chris Masters recently spoke with The News Hub. Mordetzky reveals his growth as a wrestler, training under Rip Rogers and OVW and the difference between The Adonis and The Masterpiece. He opens up about his experiences with the WWE and its lasting impression, as well as what he has gained with this new opportunity with GFW. Check out excerpts from the interview below and check for the interview here:

Training under Rip Rogers and Lance Storm:

"When I went to OVW, we started training under Rip Rogers, and he was just so old school but in a good way. He just created a great foundation which you could build off of, which made it perfect when Lance Storm came around. Rip was let go for whatever reasons and Lance came in and took the foundation that Rip had laid out and he really modernized what we needed to do in this day and age of professional wrestling. It's not going to be an hour Broadway obviously for the most part. It's usually more just about time. There were a few Broadway matches done in OVW and they weren't the greatest matches. They really aren't talking or anything they are just going out there and that's an accomplishment even if its plausible or decent. You can't ask everyone to go out there and be Shawn Michaels or Bret Hart but it's just good to have it in your back pocket and say that you've done it."

If there's a difference between The Adonis and The Masterpiece:

"I don't know how much a difference there is in character, but I'll say this about myself-- I've been doing this close to a decade, and I'm a much more well-rounded, much more mature performer, my in-ring work is the best it's ever been. Basically, I've reached my peak within the last few years in terms of in ring ability and what I can do and understanding what I can do. You'll see me, essentially The Adonis, formerly Chris Masters, but you are going to see basically a 2015 version of me which is definitely among one of the top workers in the world."

His second WWE run:

"From 2011 on, I made it my goal whether push or no push whatever it was. I was on Superstars and I was given a lot of time, then and my goal was just to prove the naysayers wrong and be a good in-ring worker and not just a body. To try and give WWE basically make them use me."


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