CM Punk And Colt Cabana On "Maron" Videos, Stardust Pulled, Paige, Seth Rollins Talks His Diet

- As noted, CM Punk and Colt Cabana appeared on Maron last night on IFC. In the clip from the episode above, CM Punk works out with Marc Maron at the gym.

- In another clip from last night's episode below, Colt Cabana talks to Maron on his podcast about not being in the WWE. Cabana also lectures Maron about his health and offers to train him, which Maron turns down since Cabana is "fat." Maron also talks about Punk leaving "fake fighting" for the UFC, saying that he thinks that Punk snapped.

- Paige will be attending the Wizard World Comic Con in Richmond, Virginia this Saturday. She will be posing for photos at noon, signing autographs at 1pm and then partake in a Q&A panel at 2pm. Stardust was originally scheduled for the fan fest as well, but was pulled. We would appreciate a report and photos from the panel, so if you are attending it, please send us a report by clicking here.

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- Onnit has an interview with WWE Champion Seth Rollins at this link. During the interview, he revealed his workout plan (which you can download in .PDF format here), and talked about Hulk Hogan being "his guy" when he was growing up (the interview was presumably done before the recent Hogan controversy). He also discussed his diet.

"I listen to my body," Rollins said. "My schedule doesn't allow me to eat as much as possible. I try and eat real food as often as I can. Good quality meat and vegetables. Post workout, I try and get as much good food as I can. 30 grams of protein and 40 grams of carbs or so. Refueling after a workout is very helpful when the days and the tours get long."

Orlando Rios contributed to this article.