Daniel Bryan Picks The Two Best Wrestlers In The World, Talks About Vince McMahon And Triple H

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan spoke to Sports Illustrated this week while promoting his new book, and opened up about Vince McMahon, Triple H, and who he considers the best wrestlers in the world. You can check out highlights below:


The two best wrestlers in the world today:

"Cesaro in the ring is as good as anybody out there in WWE. If you're talking the entire wrestling world, there is a guy in New Japan that I really love watching named Shinsuke Nakamura. He's awesome and really fun to watch. But in terms of the WWE, in ring, I love watching Cesaro."

Not being Vince McMahon's prototypical star:

"It's never bothered me mentally knowing that I was not what Vince McMahon was looking for, or even that I'm not necessarily what Triple H is looking for. That's never bothered me, because I'm not pursuing being great in Vince's eyes. I'm pursuing the things that make me happy, and that's really helped me along the way."

If Triple H or Vince McMahon like him:


"But most of entertainment is full of people who are doing it for themselves, and this is rewarding for me. So if Vince McMahon likes me or doesn't like me, that doesn't change what wrestling is to me. If Triple H likes me or doesn't like me, that doesn't change my passion. There have been times when I walked into the 'Gorilla position' after a match and everyone is clapping. Internally, I'm thinking, 'Why is everyone clapping? That was rotten.' There have also been times when I came back and I've been really proud of what I've done, and everyone doesn't care and were too busy looking down at their phones. That doesn't bother me. It's really satisfying to me as far as doing something that I love to do."

You can read the full interview at this link.

Source: Sports Illustrated