Former WWE Diva Bashes Charlotte, Sasha Banks And Becky Lynch

Tammy Sytch, famously known as Sunny, has been among the most outspoken individuals in the professional wrestling industry and she furthered that reputation Monday night by offering her controversial opinion on the three newest members of WWE's Divas roster, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Charlotte.


While watching Monday Night Raw, she posted the following on her personal Facebook account: "ok.......who else thinks the 2 new red/purple/orange heads in the diva divisions are buttafaces??? and charlotte (Ashley) really has in ring talent???"

The WWE Hall of Famer garnered a mixed response from her Facebook friends, with those defending the trio touting their wrestling skills. Sytch said in response to those people, "you guys dont get what a diva should be."

She added, "ive never been a fan of womens wrestling.. leave it to the men.. and my opinion of how someone looks is my opinion... as if no one has ever judged me??"

Sytch, however, was complementary of one WWE Diva.

"on the other hand, i ADORE Lana," she noted.