How Undertaker At WWE Battleground Rumors Got Started

As noted on Monday, the Undertaker has been working out at DeFranco's Gym in Austin, TX. Owner Joe DeFranco, who has often worked with Triple H, tweeted the photo below of 'Taker after a workout this week:

I mentioned on Twitter that 'Taker looked to be in great shape, and speculated that he could be returning to the ring "sooner rather than later."

Rumors started running rampant on social media today after Reddit user Falconarrow, who has apparently leaked some scoops in the past, posted the following:

I told you all that you needed to be talking about Battleground more. Did you really think that was because of a HHH swerve job?

He's back.

When another user suggested that they were referring to Steve Austin, Falconarrow wrote:

No not him. The guy with the coffins.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, so please take this as a rumor for now. Several readers suggested that WWE might be bringing back 'Taker this Sunday to boost the number of Network subscriptions during the quarterly earnings call at the end of the month. It should be noted that until now, WWE has not given the current subscriber count during those calls, but rather a subscriber count from the previous quarter.

IF the Undertaker does make an appearance this Sunday, how should WWE book his return? Should he cost Brock Lesnar the main event? Should he feud with someone new? Sound off in the "Comments" section below.

Also, new subscribers can subscribe to the WWE Network by clicking here and get the month of July for free, which includes the WWE Battleground pay-per-view this Sunday.