Sonjay Dutt Opens Up About His TNA Release, TNA Cutting X-Division Talent, GFW Tapings

Sonjay Dutt was once a pillar of TNA Wrestling's X Division. Although he's went on to work for the company in some capacity in each of the last four years, Dutt was abruptly and inexplicably released from the company in 2009.

I spoke with him recently about his feelings regarding the release, as well as the immediate future for himself in Global Force Wrestling.

"In 2009 my contract was coming up, and they opted to not renew it. The reason behind that are still a mystery to me. I don't even know if anyone who was around in a management position for my departure is still there. I couldn't get an answer why that happened," Sonjay said.

Shortly after that, big X-Division names started to filter out of the company. A division that was once home to AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Jay Lethal and Petey Williams saw all of those names gone within six years. Dutt isn't sure why that happened, either.

"Why would you let that cast of characters listed off just go?," Dutt asked. "Not just for their in-ring capabilities, but how those personalities differentiate the product from anything else out there, in and out of the ring. That difference was applauded and heralded because there was nobody else on North American television doing that type of thing. I couldn't tell you why they said 'let's just let these guys go.' In the long term it hurt the in-ring product and the loyal fanbase that was tuning in to see that."

Dutt moves forward, and now he's working both backstage and in the ring for Jeff Jarrett's new Global Force Wrestling. He hopes they can capture the magic of TNA's X-Divison with unkown and underutilized talent.

"You have guys like Jigsaw, who people outside of the northeast, might not know who he is. He's been plugging away at his craft, traveling the world, he just needs that stage to show people what he can to. A team like Reno Scum, they're getting their opportunity. Kongo Kong, a big monster from the midwest who can fly around like Jigsaw. It's such a different cast of wrestlers," Dutt said.

You can see part one of our interview with Sonjay Dutt this Thursday.


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