Virgil Q&A: Hilarious Answers, WWE Hall Of Fame, Who He'd Have His Last Match With, Royal Rumble

Former Million Dollar Champion Virgil participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything recently, answering several questions from fans. You can see some of the highlights below, and the full AMA at this link. Virgil was very colorful during his answers.

Is it true that you have a degree in mathematics and taught maths at a high school?

"Yes son. 2 + 2 = PAY ME b—h"

What would you do for $100?

"I would dress like your father and tuck you into bed"

Would you argue your match with Giant Gonzalez, from Superstars of Wrestling, as one of the greatest matches of all time?

"Top 5 for sure. Savage Steamboat quality no doubt"

If you were contacted by the WWE to be a surprise entrant at the Royal Rumble next year, would you do it?:

"Of course. Love my WWE."

In the prime of WCW, who was a cooler dude to hang around; Macho Man or Hollywood?

"Both (of) them (are) cool bro. Love them both forever man. They always had a good time with me."

If you could pick one superstar in today's WWE to have one last match with, who would it be?

"Sasha Banks or John Cena."

Do you feel a man with your skills should have a place in the WWE Hall of Fame?

"much s–t. 6 year run on top. who can say that? Not Coco or Pete Rose. So my time is soon hopefully my fans get me there."