William Regal Thanks Indie Promotion, Uhaa Nation Gets New Theme?, The WWE List - Kliq Week

- Uhaa Nation, who has been receiving rave reviews at recent WWE NXT live events, is now using a theme song that was featured on the first episode of TNA Impact Wrestling on Destination America. No word yet if this is his permanent theme but as far as we know he hasn't even been given a new name yet. You can listen above.

- A new episode of "The WWE List" premieres on the WWE Network this Tuesday at 4:30pm EST, listing the best "supporting men" in WWE history. Apparently this ties into Kliq Week, which we detailed earlier. Speaking of the show, our Twitter account made a cameo on the crawler last week (thanks to @MasonMooore ):

- We noted before that WWE's William Regal, Canyon Cemen and Seth Rollins attended Friday's Pro Wrestling Guerrilla event in Reseda, California, likely to scout talent. Regal tweeted the following and thanked PWG officials today:


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