WWE Dusty Rhodes Special Recap: Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, JJ Dillon, Michael Hayes, Jerry Lawler

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of the Dusty Rhodes special. We'll see a panel of legends discuss stories about the Hall of Famer.

- Jerry Lawler, Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, Michael Hayes and JJ Dillon are on the panel.

- Lawler said he tried to team with Dusty in Memphis.

- Flair says Dusty Rhodes ribbed him by telling him he was going to be on Johnny Carson, and Flair had no idea what the show was and sat through the whole thing.

- Flair says he wanted to be "Ramblin" Ricky Rhodes when he started off, based on Dusty.

- They say there was no difference between the "Outlaw" Dusty Rhodes and "The American Dream."

- Arn Anderson does a Dusty impersonation and talks about he was starstruck meeting Dusty Rhodes for the first time.

- JJ Dillon says that Dusty Rhodes was the American Dream 24/7, a lot like Ric Flair is the Nature Boy all the time.

- Hayes said Dusty congratulated him on having one of the biggest advances for a particular building. He said Dusty teased him and said Dusty vs. Flair was the biggest advance they had.

- Hayes and Dillon say Dusty was an excellent baseball and football player.

- Arn is making fun of Dusty and Ric for competing with each other out of the ring all the time. He said Dusty, Flair and Magnum TA all got fur coats competing with each other, and showed up in Vegas in 110 degree weather in fur coats.

- Arn says Dusty could go 40 minutes with Flair in the ring, and fill up an arena on the mic.

- Arn says Dusty would run around in a T-shirt, wrestling boots, and nothing else.

- Lawler says Dusty Rhodes left a signed program on his chair in the locker room that said "To my friend The King, sorry you had to go on after me."

- Hayes says that Rhodes gave him his first concerts as the Freebirds.

- Dillon says the Horsemen were successful because Dusty competing against them made them successful.

- Flair says his son's favorite Dusty line was "wined and dined with kings and queens."

- Flair says Dusty was the most charismatic person the industry has ever seen.

- Hayes puts over how creative was, and his hand in making Magnum TA, Nikita Koloff and WarGames.


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