Al Snow Talks Preparing Steve Austin For His WWE Debut, Training Kane

On episode 77 of the Ross Report, Jim Ross, interviewed Al Snow. Among other topics, the two discussed Snow's time as a trainer and his hand in preparing Stone Cold Steve Austin for his WWE debut.

"He was awesome, so it was fantastic," Snow said of Austin and their time together.

"[WWE] brought [Austin] in as the Ringmaster, and then he slowly became Steve Austin and he came down to my school and we spent, like, a week together, and he wanted to get the ring rust off and try to do some stuff," Snow recalled.

"It was a compliment to me," Snow continued, "I felt flattered that [Austin] would be even interested in coming and being around."

Austin has previously credited Snow for teaching him a few of the submission holds he used against Bret "Hitman" Hart in their classic WrestleMania 13 submission match. In addition to training Austin for his WWE debut, Snow worked with Glenn Jacobs, also known as Kane, for his WWE debut.

"I had a [wrestling] school at the time that I was running, in Lima, Ohio and Glenn [Jacobs], came, for a period, a week or so, up there to kind of work with me and kind of learn some stuff just right before he went up to WWE. He was already polished and everything, but he just wanted to come and get himself tuned up a little bit."

Prior to that interaction with Jacobs, Snow was his tag team partner in Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

"I was partners with Kane, he was Unabomb in Smoky Mountain [Wrestling]. We were the Dynamic Duo, as [Jim] Cornette called us."

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Source: The Ross Report