Another Detailed Report For WWE Live Event In Melbourne: Rollins Vs. Ambrose, Owens Vs. Cesaro, HBK

Thanks to BlandyBoreton for sending these results for the WWE live event in Melbourne, Australia:

Earlier during the day at a local shopping centre, I got the chance to meet Kevin Owens and Emma. They were the first wrestlers that I have met since CM Punk & Kelly Kelly 8 years before, so it was an exciting experience. We started 4 hours early so it was a long wait, especially standing next to a guy decked out in the pink John Cena gear, doing every wrestling chant he could think of (he even started singing MVP's theme at one point). When the two finally arrived, Owens strolled onto the stage seemingly in his give no f-cks demeanor (and wearing a GREEN shirt!), but he was a really down to earth and cool guy to meet. Emma was lovely.

Before the show they aired the Roddy Piper tribute video, which received a nice round of applause. Then a clip of Triple H introducing Shawn Michaels as the general manager aired, HBK got a huge pop. He went on to say that he learned how to finally learned to pronounce Brisbane and Melbourne correctly, before revealing that the Rollins vs Ambrose main event would be a steel cage match.

* The first match was Finn Balor defending his NXT Championship against Neville. Both guys got good receptions but it was clear that Neville was the fan favorite. At one point Finn actually started heeling it up and almost threatened to walk out of the match, which got loud boos. In the end, Balor got the win in a solid back and forth match.

* Next was Adam Rose vs Fandango. Rose entered to next to no reaction. Fandango got some cheers with most of the crowd getting involved by doing his dance. The was sort of a comedy match, that wasn't ever very funny. It even got some "This is boring" chants. Rose ended up getting some decent heat before Fandango got the win.

* Next was another comedy match but this one worked far better, R-Truth vs Luke Harper. Before the match began, Truth went from side to side doing the "Woomp there it is", Harper tried the same thing but got boos. Harper was pretty hilarious during the match as he constantly kept flexing to the crowd, to the referee, to Truth, he even kicked out of a pin at one point and flex on the way up. Surprisingly, Harper got the win the Discuss Clothesline. Flexing one more time at the top of the ramp before leaving.

* After a Connor the Crusher video package, King Barrett made his entrance and cut a promo about how pathetic the Australian cricket team is and how England are smashing them in the Ashes series. This got huge heat and "You're a wanker" chants. Randy Orton's music hit and got the biggest pop of the night so far. The match was just another Orton/Barrett match. It dragged a lot but picked up towards the end. The finish came when Barrett went for the Bullhammer, Orton ducked, rolled up Barrett, Barrett kicked out but got caught by the RKO. It's truly a sight to see over both Orton and his RKO are.

* After the intermission, Bo Dallas interrupted JoJo and proceeded to cut a great heel promo about how the people of Melbourne will never live up to their dreams. HBK came out but Bo ridiculed him and said that he's old while Bo has his whole career ahead of him. Bo started shoving him into the corner but ate a superkick, which got a massive pop.

* Next was the Divas tag, The Bella Twins got a big pop and Nattie got a really good one too, before Emma received the big home town reception. She was decked out in an attire inspired by the Aussie flag and received "Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi" & "Let's go Emma" chants. This was a good match with all four girls putting on solid performances. The finish came when Nikki was holding Emma in place for Brie to hit a missile dropkick, Emma pushed Nikki into the kick and rolled up Brie for the victory.

* Kevin Owens came out to the third biggest pop of the night thus far. Cesaro got a really good one too but not quite on Owens level. I would think that because of the Owens signing earlier in the day he would have won over a lot of fans. This was a really good back and forth match, with Owens playing to the crowd like a goddamn master. The finish Cesaro execute the swing (to a big pop) and finish of Owens with the Neutralizer.

* Dean Ambrose made his way out to arguably the biggest pop of the night. Seth Rollins came out to the biggest heat of the night. Ambrose was SO OVER here, the people loved him. There was actually a really vocal woman behind me who voiced her love of the Lunatic Fringe by telling him to "KICK HIS ASS DEAN" and "F*CK HIM UP" and later on when the ref didn't close the cage door after an exchange between the two, she yelled very loudly in a crowd that featured a lot of kids "CLOSE THE DOOR YOU BLOODY F*CKING PRICK!". Rollins worked Ambrose's leg which set up a lot of anxious spots where Seth would be close to escape before Ambrose hobbled his way over to stop him. I really enjoyed this match, it's only a house show but these two went out there and worked their asses off, taking some big bumps, like Dean giving a suplex from the top of the cage. The finish saw the referee accidentally slammed the door on Dean's head allowing Seth to hit the pedigree and escape the cage.

* After the match, Rollins returned to the ring to continue the beat down on Dean. He grabbed a table, the sheer sight of which sent the crowd into a frenzy. Rollins tried to put him through the table but Dean reversed and eventually gave him an elbow drop through the table. After the match Ambrose got a mic and said how he was so close to beating Seth but one day he's gonna beat him for good and take the title. He said he had a philosophy that (and I'm paraphrasing here because I can't remember the exact quote) "You win some, you lose some, but as long as you get to put someone through a table."

* Overall this was a really fun show. The matches were all generally entertaining, with the main event being the best match I think I've ever seen at a live event.

Biggest Pops: Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Owens, Emma, Cesaro
Biggest Heat: Seth Rollins, King Barrett, Luke Harper, Bo Dallas

Side Notes:

- JoJo is so wonderful at her job, the excitement and enthusiasm she brings is so infectious. She is also absolutely stunning in person.

- There was a LOT of Kevin Owens T-Shirts around, just as much as Cena or Ambrose. Also plenty of Bryan and Balor too.

- Ambrose is so much taller in real life than he seems on TV.


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