Austin Idol Talks Wrestlers Working Without Drugs, Feuding With Rick Rude, Teaming With Dutch Mantel

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast recently interviewed "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol. You can download and listen to the full episode by clicking here, the sent us these highlights:

Other wrestlers seeking out his training advice and working "clean"

"Absolutely. I've always been willing to do that. My thing is always being clean. When I say clean I mean nothing supplemental. I've just done it the old-fashioned way; training, living clean and no "juice", no "gas", no illegal drugs. That's all temporary anyway, you blow up and pump up and once you get off that stuff you deflate like putting air in a tire. It's just so unhealthy so many guys and people get into a lot of trouble by doing that stuff. I've always been willing to give tips out to help people, sure why not? It doesn't hurt to help people. "

Working with an up and coming Rick Rude in CWA:

"Rick came in and was very very lean but all cut and everything, he was a former power lifter and I was a former power lifter and I think he came in from Louisiana when Bill Watts was in that area at the time. He was green, he was pretty green as grass but he had something and it was a body. He had a girl with him, Angel who was a good looking girl. They were not going to use him at all and he was not going to be successful. They were not going to use him in Memphis. But I liked what I saw and I believed we could create some magic, so again I went to (Jerry) Jarrett and asked to do something with this guy and he let me. It turned out very good."

Working with Jerry Jarrett and their relationship:

Personally, I like Jerry. From the personal side, he was smart. Sometimes he could come up with something that was really really genius but of course nobody bats 1000 and something was lukewarm. I've got to give it to him, smart guy and for the most part we had a pretty good relationship. There were times where I felt my compensation was not what it should have been and I didn't mind asking for it. I know with the internet there is so much out there about so many people and there's not much out there that you can believe. I've seen stories out there that I held up Jerry Jarrett for more money on the cage match (vs. Jerry Lawler), crazy and totally untrue. Somebody claims that's the case. I don't know if it's Jerry that said it but I've always been one to say something if my compensation wasn't fair.

Helping set up his feud with "Exotic" Adrian Street:

"I've heard that he has said some derogatory things about me through the grape-vine and I don't care. I had been out of the area and I came back and he was wrestling around the middle of the card, so he wasn't the first match but by any stretch he was not in the main event. Of course he had the character and persona with the dress and the attire and the whole thing. I looked at him and said this guy has something going but they weren't using him. I finished up there and ended up going to Alabama. When I got down there I said to the promoter Ron Fuller there is a guy up in Memphis who has a great look and extremely flamboyant, not a big guy but he's got something. I told Adrain if you want to go down to pan-handle of Florida I've got you all setup and boom there's another one. "

Teaming with Dirty Dutch Mantel:

"With me he (Dutch) was very easy. Really, I was a top guy so it was Jerry Jarrett's idea to put Dutch with me. Dutch came in and he worked very hard. I never had any problems with Dutch and I am sure he was happy to be in that position."