Exclusive Details On How Sting Made Surprise WWE RAW Appearance, Why His Face Paint Was Smeared

As noted earlier, there were reports that Sting was placed into the covered crate backstage this past Monday night on RAW and then stayed in the box the entire time as it was transported into the ring. However, that was not the case.


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The crate was actually brought out without Sting in it. While the lights were out in the arena to show a video on the Titan Tron, Sting came out covered in black and was surrounded by nearly a dozen crew members. Sting then went under the ring. Once the crate was lifted via a forklift into the ring, the ropes were re-attached and then Sting got into the crate while surrounded by crew members. Sting being cloaked is why his face paint was a little smeared when the crate was uncovered.