On Talk’n Shop #59, ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan shared some amusing stories from the road. One such story involved Curt Hennig tying up the Ultimate Warrior with his own arm tassels during a match.

According to Duggan, the incident occurred during a battle royal. As Duggan and the Big Boss Man were working over Warrior in one corner of the ring, Hennig rolled out on the apron and tied one of the nylon strings from Warrior’s arm to the top rope.

“So me and Bossman split and Warrior’s like, ‘argh! argh! ugh!’,” Duggan said. “He can’t move! I break. It’s nylon. He tries to break it. It squeezes his arm. It’s wrapped around his arm as tight as can be. He’s in the corner squawking, ‘ooooh!'”

Since Warrior could not free himself from being tied to the top rope, Rene Goulet, also known as Sgt. Goulet, had to come down to the ring with a pocket knife and cut Warrior loose.

Apparently, the rib landed Duggan, the Big Boss Man and Hennig in a lot of trouble with the office.

“We all got a free trip up to Stamford, Connecticut for that for quite a bit of ass chewing, that’s for damn sure!,” Duggan said.

In addition to recalling this story about the Ultimate Warrior, Duggan talked about getting arrested with the Iron Sheik, traveling with the Nasty Boys, and Andre the Giant’s “unique aroma”. To check out the full episode, click here.

Source: Talk?n Shop 59