HBK's Show With JBL And Michael Cole Airing, WWE Diva On BET, Former WWE Star Has Cancer Surgery

- We noted back in July 2014 that Michael Cole, JBL and Shawn Michaels went fishing in Bermuda for a future episode of HBK's MacMillan River Adventures show on the Outdoor Channel. HBK's partner Keith Mark, who was also on the trip, told a fan on Twitter this weekend that the episode will be airing "very soon" and that we will "see just how awesome JBL really is."

- Former WWE star Nick "Big Bully" Busick underwent surgery for esophagus cancer on Friday in Pittsburgh, according to PWInsider. T-shirts are being sold at bullystrongshirts.com to help with his medical costs. Bully last worked for WWE in November of 1991.

- WWE Diva Cameron will be appearing on BET at 10am EST tomorrow morning for "Lift Every Voice" with Fonzworth Bentley. Below are a few tweets promoting the show:


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