John Laurinaitis Comments On Sara Lee, Konnan Gets Himself Into Hot Water, New WWE Show Revealed

- Kris Zellner of The Lucha Report reports the following about former WWE and WCW star Konnan, who still works for AAA in Mexico:

"Konnan got into some hot water recently where he touched Nahima Choura who is a presenter on "Mas Deporte" on Televisa on her back and she wasn't too pleased with it letting him know immediately. Konnan then laughed and said that you're not that good looking and she got even more upset. This is making all the rounds in the Mexican gossip sections."


- In response to a fan who wrote that WWE Tough Enough winner Sara Lee won't last long, John Laurinaitis wrote the following:

- WWE will be premiering a new web series titled "Superstar Ink" tomorrow on their website, hosted by Corey Graves. Below is a preview: