JTG Discusses Racism In WWE, Working W/ DX, John Cena, Cryme Tyme Splitting Up & More

Former WWE Superstar Jayson "JTG" Paul conducted an AMA with the r/SquaredCircle Reddit community tonight, answering dozens of questions from wrestling fans about his time with WWE, the popularity of his "Cryme Tyme" tag team, his controversial e-book, and his involvement with TheWrestlingBundle.com.

Featured below is a collection of some of JTG's responses, edited for clarity; you can CLICK HERE for the complete AMA.

Can you describe a typical Raw day for you while you were in the WWE?

"Usually I would drop my bags off in [the] locker room, go to catering, make my rounds and talk to everybody; go to the ring, stretch and warm up... Then talent meetings and if I wasn't on the card, I would just hang in the locker room for the rest of the night."

Who was the nicest/most friendly backstage?

"Mike Knox had a very upbeat personality, and Ryback has a very positive friendly personality."

Did you encounter any racism towards you in your time in WWE and do you think the company does a good enough job in treating their employees of color equally?

"I definitely experienced some racism in WWE, and no I don't think they do a good enough job when the majority of the African American wrestlers are pigeonholed into being the angry black guys, shuckin and jivin or rapping and singing..."

What was working with Shad like?

"Working with Shad was like being at the edge of my seat every day of my life. He was very unpredictable and walked to the beat of his own drum. Got lot of great stories of Shad in my e-book too."

Who wrote the segement with Cryme Tyme and DX where HBK spoke jive?

"It was definitely fun. It was my top 5 favorite backstage segments on Raw. Most of it was ad libbed and we were just having fun."

Thoughts on being an independent contractor in the WWE?

"It's a big hoax. How can you be an independent contractor if you're "exclusively" signed to WWE with a contract. It's an oxymoron."

How did you feel about the Cryme Tyme split and Shad's release?

"We both wanted to go our separate ways to see where I singles career would go. And I was bummed out about his release because I didn't feel like he got a shot."

You can read the entire Reddit AMA with JTG at the link above, check out his controversial new e-book "DAMN! WHY DID I WRITE THIS BOOK", and see the hour-long shoot interview exclusively at TheWrestlingBundle.com.


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