Konnan Q&A: Beef With Vampiro, Working With LAX, Innovative Moves, Talents He Wants In LU, More

Current AAA and Lucha Underground talent Konnan participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything q&a this afternoon, and answered a ton of question's ahead of this week's big Ultima Lucha and TripleMania shows.

We'll have full, live coverage of both events, with Ultima Lucha Wednesday, and this Sunday for TripleMania.

Beef with Vampiro and working with him now:

"We basically stay out of each other's way. He has mellowed a lot and so have I. Our relationship is the best its ever been, it ain't like you're gonna catch us singing at a Karaoke Bar anytime soon. It's better than before"

AAA talents he wants in Lucha Underground:

"Flamita, Dagga, Dinastia, Mini Charly, Nino Hamburguesa, Steve Pain, Mini Pyscho Clown,"

His rolling lariat move:

"There a couple of moves that I brought to the U.S. that people don't know I started. The rolling clothesline was just me thinking of someone no one else did."

Working with LAX and comparisons to Los Boricuas:

"LAX was basically conceived to make people think using wrestling angles. Not just your normal 'I'm gonna kick your ass,' but bringing racial issues to the forefront that were happening behind the scenes in TNA and in society in general.

"I never watched Savio and the Boricuas much because I was on the road so much. Savio in Puerto Rico was a beast"


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