Lucha Underground Season Finale Results: Johnny Mundo Vs. Alberto El Patron, Melina, Vampiro, More

Welcome to our Live Lucha UG Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

We get a nice tribute to Roddy Piper. Very classy.

Johnny Mundo vs. Del Dio is kicking things off. Crowd is going crazy for Alberto. There's a new announcer, too.

Johnny Mundo vs. Del Rio

Del Rio is going after Mundo even before the bell rings. He grabs Johnny and starts throwing him all over the temple. He goes after his arm, using the announcer's table. Mundo grabs something under the ring and blinds Del Rio with it. Stryker says that it's dust. Dust as a weapon in pro wrestling? Well, that's a new one. Now Del Rio is is getting brutalized. This a very intense match. Mundo goes for the pin but only gets a two. Alberto hits a reverse suplex. Both men down. They get up and start trading vicious blows. Mundo goes for a super kick but Mundo gets out of it. Mundo goes up top but Del Rio gets out of the way and Mundo hits thin air. Del Rio is out of the ring and Mundo flies and finally catches him. Tremendous spot. Back in the ring Del Rio tries to get the arm bar locked in but Mundo is able to get to the ropes. Del Rio yells as Marty. Mundo hits the end of the world. The ref is down. Del Rio puts in the arm bar and Mundo taps, but there's no ref around! Mundo fights back and gets up top. Him and Del Rio fight on ropes. Melina runs out and attacks Del Rio with his own AAA title belt. Mundo covers him for the win.

Winner: Johnny Mundo

Melina and Johnny kiss. Del Rio flips out and attacks Mundo. Melina goes crazy while Del Rio throws her boyfriend all around the temple and throw a window. Melina attacks Del Rio, he laughs and spanks her. The crowd is going crazy and chanting "Si! Si! Si!" Mundo's face is covered in blood.


Dragon Azteca is trying to help Black Lotus. Dario shows up. Black Lotus betrays Azteca. She kills him, I guess? This show seems to have a lot of murders for a pro wrestling show, I've noticed. Do the police not watch Lucha Underground? Anyway, Dario lets her go. I guess we might see her tonight.

Vampiro vs. Pentagon Jr is next. Ad break.

Vampiro vs. Pentagon Jr

Pentagon Jr. attacks Vampiro with a chair. Striker talks about Vampiro's history of neck surgeries. Pentagon slams him onto the ground and continues the assault with the chair. He brings out more chairs and buries him with them. Ref tries to stop it but Pentagon Jr doesn't care. They bring out a stretcher for Vampiro. We got to commercial. Things look rather bad for Vamp. We come back and Vampiro is getting steadily to his feet and trying to fight Pentagon Jr. He grabs his tacks. Pentagon Jr gets sent through them. Vamp tries to dive onto Pentagon but only hits the tacks. Pentagon goes after Vampiro with bulbs and cuts him deep. Vampiro shoves Pentagon Jr. through a lightbulb tube. Pentagon's mask comes off. Vampiro grabs the lightbulbs and continues to bash them over his opponents head. Both guys go on top. Belly to bell suplex off the top role on the bulbs. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Table gets brought out and Vampiro lights it on fire. Dear God. This will not end well. Sure enough, Pentagon throws Vamprio on the table. Vamprio is now on fire. Pentagon Jr. gets the win.

Winner: Pentagon Jr.

Afterwards, Vampiro is able to get to his feet and he tells Pentagon Jr to break his arm. Pentagon acquiesces. Then Vampiro is revealed to be his master. What a twist. That is WCW-levels of nonsensical. It really is.

Seven Way Gift of the Gods Battle Royal

Good match. Fenix won the fire driver on Jack Evans. Big Ryck dominated early. There was a stunning spot where Aerostar jumps on everyone from the scaffold at the temple, although it wasn't as good as it should have been considering the Vampiro/Pentagon match and everything that went on there. Sexy Star performed well too and took a massive chokeslam from Ryck in the early on.

Winner: Fenix

Blue Demon comes out for his match with Texano accompanied by Castro and Cisco. We learn that Blue Demon got Dario to agree to make this bout a No DQ.

Texano vs. Blue Demon Jr.

Texano goes after Blue Demon Jr. right away. Chavo comes and hits Texano with a kendo stick and joins the goons and Demon Jr. in beating him up. Chavo gives Demon the chair. Demon wins.

Winner: Blue Demon Jr.

The main event is hyped up and is next. We see Mil Muertes and Prince Puma in their locker rooms getting ready.

Mil is out with Catrina. Puma comes out to a big reaction from the fans.

Mil Muertes and Prince Puma

Muertes dominates things to begin with. Puma is trying to floor him with speedy punches but Muertes is just shrugging them off. Striker says he's an animal backed into a corner. Now they're on the outside and fighting in the crowd. In an amusing spot, Puma picked up Catrina and hit Mil in the face with her giant heels. Funny. Muertes throws Puma into some wooden chairs. Muertes then powerbombed him onto the stairs. Dear God, this show has had way too many risky spots. Muertes continues to attack with him with several vicious blows. Puma tries to fly but eats another chair shot. Muertes rolls him back in the ring but Puma fights back. Mil charges towards him but ends up hitting the chair in the corner instead, Mil goes for the pin but gets a two. He misses the Corkscrew Moonsault and Muertes gets the two count. Mil hits Prince Puma with several big punches. Puma hits a Northern lights suplex. Muertes fights back and spears him through the table that's been set up. Both guys are down. Mil hits a powerbomb but Puma is able to kick out at two and a half. Puma fights back and hits a 630 but only gets a two. Mil hits the Flatliner but Puma kicks out. Stunning. More brawling. Muertes hits a flatliner from the top rope to finally get the pin and the title. Tremendous match.

Winner: Mil Muertes.

Catrina performs the lick on death to Puma. The Trios come out . We got to the back and Lotus is helping Dario clean out his office. Fenix leaves with his new title but he's being followed. Marty the Moth has kidnapped Sexy Star so she can be his sister. The trios champs also leave on a road trip and want their belts back. Vampiro is still teaching Pentagon and Dario smiles a slow, sinister smile. This is all very strange.


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