Mick Foley On Reaction For Divas On RAW, Adam Rose Endorses ZZ, The Hype Bros., Chris Jericho

- Zack Ryder teased on Twitter that he and Mojo Rawley may be bringing their "Hype Bros." tag team to WWE's main roster soon.

- Chris Jericho will be interviewing New Japan Pro Wrestling bookers Jado and Gedo this Friday on his "Talk Is Jericho" podcast.


- In a new Facebook post, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley wrote the following about last night's RAW, calling the reactions for the Divas a "potential problem":

"I loved WWE Raw – I really did, Loved all of it....almost. The Heyman promo, the Inspirational Bo Dallas promo, that Brock didn't quite buy into, The Dudleyz, The Sting thing. All of it was great, Except for the Divas match. For the 2nd time in two weeks, #RAW turned a little nasty the ladies"

- Adam Rose tweeted this endorsement for ZZ going into tonight's WWE Tough Enough finale: