More Controversial Social Media Posts From WWE NXT Diva Zahra Schreiber Uncovered

Zahra Schreiber, the WWE NXT Diva who was involved in a nude photo scandal with Seth Rollins earlier this year, is coming under fire for controversial social media posts she made in the past.

On Saturday, shortly before Schreiber made her first appearance as a character at a WWE NXT live event (in Fort Pierce, Florida), two images she posted in 2012 showcasing her affinity for swastikas and other Nazi symbolism were uncovered by wrestling fans sifting through her Instagram account. Schreiber deleted the images shortly after going viral and set her account to private.


When asked about posting the first image, Schreiber had said that she is a history buff who does not associate the swastika with evil. Her remarks about the image are as follows:

I like history ha

it's really not anyone's business anyway. I can post whatever photos I want, if you don't like them my feelings won't be hurt if you unfollow.

thanks! I am in love with the photo of maria magdalena!

there are lots of cool photos on eBay.

haha it's not a big deal! I can hang whatever photos I want in MY room or MY instagram. Just like she can post all over her networking sites how she thinks women who are prolife are idiots. We all have our own opinions and lifestyles. I don't comment on hers so I expect the same.

The swastika means prosperity and luck. It was around way before hitler turned it into an icon. Take it how you want I could careless. This is too funny.

Believed what way? Lol one of my best friends back home is black and another is married to a black man. I dislike people for their actions not their race. If it happens to be a black, Asian or white person so be it. Mind your business. I'm not all on your s–t for things you say that I have no respect for.

I don't really give a s–t what it means to other people Brendan

I said that referring to her saying the swastika symbol deserves to be spat on. It has other meanings also. f–k off. I'll take interest anything I want. If you look next to it is a photo of an actress who refused nazism and was awarded right to America. I'll put whatever i want on wall. Get the f–k over it.

me too esp over something so stupid. People need to lighten up and get the sticks outta their ass.


This controversy has drawn attention to other social media posts Schreiber has made in the past.

Three years ago, Schreiber insinuated on Instagram that she disliked the princess character in the 2009 animated Disney film The Princess and the Frog because the character was presented as black. The character, Tiana, is the first 'Disney Princess' to be presented as black.


Schreiber remarked, "Hahahah awww although I do love all Disney princesses except tiana from (The Princess and the Frog) lawlz."

After user angieorlando remarked, "it's because she's black," Schreiber responded with an emoji denoting a smirking facial expression.

The same user then complained to Schreiber about Disney featuring the character on numerous pieces of merchandise, leading Schreiber to remark, "black princess white prince?!?! He (obviously) married for money."

Schreiber continued, "I feel like Disney made the prince white just to piss off black people lol."

The ethnicity of the prince character, Prince Naveen, was actually made ambiguous by Disney.

The conversation continued with angieorlando remarking, "she's literally the only Disney princess left at the store anytime I go, that's a sign....right?" Schreiber responded, "a sign that black parents don't buy their kids toys!"

Earlier this year, some controversial remarks Schreiber made on Twitter prior to joining WWE were uncovered by wrestling fans after the social media platform allowed users to search through every Tweet ever published. With her latest controversy, the comments are drawing attention again.

The comments have since been deleted.


Schreiber's first name trended on Twitter as late as Sunday night, with the social media platform noting, "WWE NXT Diva Deletes Swastika Photos From Instagram Account." She has since made her Twitter account private.