News On "Cesaro Section" Signs At Last Night's RAW, Goldust Update, Stevie Ray's Message To Thieves

- We noted before that former WCW star Stevie Ray of Harlem Heat fame recently had his Wildkat Heavyweight Title belt stolen from his Cadillac Escalade after thieves smashed the window out while he was in a restaurant eating. Thanks to Title Match Wrestling, Stevie issued the message seen above to the perps.

- Goldust indicated this week that he's close to being able to return to the ring. As noted, he had shoulder surgery back in May. No word yet if WWE has any plans to bring him back to TV.

- As seen on last night's RAW from Everett, there were more fan-made "Cesaro Section" signs in the crowd. Below is a tweet from Daniel Bryan and a tweet from one of the fans who were passing the signs out yesterday:

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