– Paul Heyman recently appeared on FOX Sports podcast “The Buzz with Jimmy Traina” to talk Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker at WWE SummerSlam. Courtesy of MTV UK, below are highlights:

“I said on TV this is the match that’s too big for Wrestlemania, and I meant it. I really, really meant it. There is no description to point out how big this match truly is because no-one ever thought they’d ever see a return match between Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker. The unfortunate part about this is, I don’t know how many times you’re going to get to see the Undertaker after this match because he’s going to get his a** kicked again. He’s going to get beat up and he’s going to get beat.”

“He didn’t just lose to Brock Lesnar [at WrestleMania]. Brock Lesnar delivered such a beating to the Undertaker that he collapsed backstage to a point where Vince McMahon left Wrestlemania during the main event to go to the hospital with Undertaker – who stayed in that hospital and needed a full year before he was seen in public again. A full year. So if the Undertaker takes the same beating at SummerSlam, what makes you think he’s going to be at the AT&T Stadium?”

Source: MTV UK