Ring Of Honor Television Recap (8/23): ROH Tag Team Championship Match, Briscoes, Chris Sabin, More

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of Ring of Honor TV. Jay and Mark Briscoe will be in action on today's episode, as well as an ROH World Tag Team Championship match.

Bloodbound Warriors vs. Briscoes

Jay and Greywolf start out, but neither can take the other off his feet. Red Scorpion and Mark are next, and Mark almost dies getting press slammed out of the ring. Greywolf tosses Mark into the guard rail. Mark is able to get a tag to Jay, who headbutts Greywolf repeatedly before taking him out with a suicide dive.

Mark attacks Scorpion with redneck king fu, but is tossed outside. Scorpion kicks out of a Jay Death Valley Driver, and gets a lariat for his trouble. Mark Froggy Elbow, Jay lariat, that's it.

Winners: Briscoes via pinfall (lariat)

Decade comes out and Adam Page says that Briscoes are ducking him. Jay says he doesn't even know who Adam Page is, but they can fight right now. Whitmer says that isn't happening right now, which kind of goes against the whole point Page just made. Next week Jay Briscoe faces Adam Page.

Donovan Dijak (w/ House of Truth) vs. Roderick Strong

Strong has issues with the power of Dijak early on, getting pushed around before eating a couple of knees. Strong fires back with a kick, but gets knocked off the apron by Dijak while trying to avoid the interfering Truth Martini.

We come back to see Dijak continuing to work over Strong, who finally works out of a chinlock with elbows and a big dropkick. Dijak delivers a big kick of his own to get a two count, and Strong gets up and hits an Olympic Slam. Strong follows up with a huge superplex that almost finishes Dijak, but there's a kickout at 2.9.

Strong slugs Dijak with a jumping knee, but on instinct, Dijak boots Strong in the face and almost gets the win. Dijak goes for Feast Your Eyes, but Strong gets out, lands the double knee gutbuster and the Sick Kick for the win.

Winner: Roderick Strong via pinfall (Sick Kick)

The House of Truth and Jay Lethal attacks Strong after the match. War Machine makes the save.

ROH Tag Team Championship
Addiction (w/ Chris Sabin) vs. Future Shock

Cole and Daniels start a grappling exchange, which Cole gets the advantage of. This leads to a beautiful tag team sequence, and O'Reilly landing kicks before Kaz tags out. Future Shock has totally dominated five minutes in, and the crowd is behind them big time. This all changes when Daniels tosses Cole into the guard rail outside the ring.

Back inside Addiction takes over, isolating Cole and working him over. Daniels gets just a one count on a springboard moonsault before Kyle breaks the count. Kaz is in, but eats a big enziguri to the head from Cole. Kyle O'Reilly is reaching out for the tag, but Daniels pulls him off the apron and sends him into the guard rail. Kaz applies a unique submission, but Cole manages to kick his way out of it. Kaz then applies a figure four, but Cole reverses pressure. Kyle comes in and applies an armbar to Kaz, but then Daniels puts the Koji Clutch as we go to commercial.

We come back to see O'Reilly getting a hot tag and dropkicking both members of Addiction. O'Reilly reverses a Kaz sunset flip with an armbar, then puts Daniels in a kneebar. Still a house of fire, O'Reilly destroys Kaz with a knee. Future Shock double teams Daniels, but Kaz kicks Cole right in the grapes. Still, O'Reilly hits a series of brainbusters and an armbar. Kaz is tapping, but Kingdom distracts the ref. O'Reilly has a pin, but the ref is still distracted.

Taven clocks Kyle with a superkick behind the refs back, but gets dropkicked. Maria then grabs Kyle's leg, but Cole catches her and chases her to the back. Kyle is left alone to eat Celebrity Rehab. Addiction wins.

Winners: Addiction via pinfall (Celebrity Rehab) to retain the ROH World Tag Team Championship

Addiction and Sabin jump Kyle, but Fish comes to make the save, along with the Young Bucks. Addiction will face Young Bucks in two weeks for the titles.


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