Ring Of Honor TV Results (8/30): ROH TV Title Match, Jay Lethal, Jay Briscoe, Cheeseburger In Action

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Jay Briscoe vs. Adam Page (w/ Decade)

Page slaps Jay in the face, which serves to get him booted and tossed outside. Briscoe follows Page out with a suicide dive, and stares at Colby Corino after he hits Briscoe with a crutch. Page throws a chair at Briscoe for the DQ.


Winner: Jay Briscoe via DQ

Page hits his finish on a pile of chairs, but Mark Briscoe makes the save.

- We see Dalton Castle with his boys backstage. He cuts a great promo and says he'll put his boys on the line against Silas Young, but when Castle wins, Young has to become one of his boys.

- Cedric Alexander says he's already defeated Moose twice, so beating Caprice does nothing for him and tries to leave. Caprice makes fun of Veda and Cedric decides to go after Coleman.

Cedric Alexander (w/ Veda Scott) vs. Caprice Coleman

Cedric and Caprice battle it out early on with big strikes until Coleman hits a big dropkick and body slam. Cedric hits a couple of nasty kicks on Coleman on the apron as we go to commercial. We come back to see Cedric working Coleman over, but Coleman fights back with strikes and a headscissors takedown. Alexander flies all the way across the ring to land a single-axehandle to Coleman's back for two.


Cedric hits a Michinoku Driver, but can't get the job done. Veda goes to give him a wrench, but Moose shows up and takes it away. Coleman scores a Sky Splitta and gets the win.

Winner: Caprice Coleman via pinfall (Sky Splitta)

After the match, Moose knocks out Cedric with a wrench, and Stokely Hathaway doesn't look happy. Prince Nana shows up and hands Coleman an envelope, and Hathaways mood changes to joy.

Brutal Bob Evans vs. Cheeseburger

Bob Evans goes after Cheeseburger with a chair, but gets it booted in his face. Cheeseburger then hits a Bam Bam Moonsault off the guard rail, but gets bodyslammed inside the ring. Evans has the three count but lifts Cheeseburger up to do more damage. Evans hits a big shoulder block, but Cheeseburger manages to kick out and roll Evans up for a two. Evans sets up a table to side slam Cheeseburger through it, but Evans ended up getting hit with a palm strike that send him through the table at ringside. Evans can't make it in by the 20 count, and the crowd goes nuts.

Winner: Cheeseburger via countout

- Jay Lethal cuts a promo and says Hanson doesn't get to talk about the past anymore. It's all about tonight.

- We see this week's Inside ROH.

- Bobby Fish joins commentary for the main event. He'll face the winner at ROH All-Star Extravaganza in September.


ROH Television Championship
Jay Lethal (c) (w/ Truth Martini) vs. Hanson

Hanson starts off by tossing Lethal around the ring and punishing him with big knees. Lethal tries to chop Hanson, but it gets no sold. Instead, Truth Martini holds Hanson's leg, and allows Lethal to hit the Trifecta, sending Hanson into the crowd. Lethal applies a headlock, but gets turned inside out by a huge clothesline from Hanson.

Hanson gets kicked between the legs going for his Bronco Buster variation, and Lethal scores with Hail to the King. Hanson impressively kicks out at one, and Lethal is shocked. Hanson hits a really sloppy looking handspring back elbow, but it's still impressive. Lethal manages to get his knees up on a Hanson moonsault attempt. Lethal avoids the Spin Kick of Doom and hits a superkick, followed by two Lethal Injections to retain.

Winner: Jay Lethal via pinfall (Lethal Injection) to retain the ROH Television Championship

Bobby Fish tells Lethal that at All-Star Extravaganza he's going to take Lethal's title, or his ability to walk. Lethal calls Kyle O'Reilly the man of the team. O'Reilly comes out, followed by Roderick Strong, who faces Lethal next week. Lethal and Martini both dip out.