Rob Feinstein's Final Statement Regarding Claims That He Forged Roddy Piper Merchandise

As noted last week, ROH founder and current RF Video owner Rob Feinstein was being accused of selling forged Roddy Piper merchandise. Feinstein started selling Piper merch on his Facebook page and was called out by Christopher Ott on Facebook for autographed Piper art that Ott claims was purchased without a signature the day after Piper died. Feinstein denied the allegation, and also sent us his final statement and photos on the matter below:

Look 166 weeks ago right from the artist's own Instagram, Roddy signing the prints that were traded to me this past weekend. These were not the same exact ones that I got but just saying how they were out there on the market forever. We also found out that the other print has been sold too as far back at February at Wizard World in Ohio so Chris lied to me when he said they were NEVER out before this past weekend…Remember when he attacked me, he kept on saying that the prints were NEVER out until this past weekend and it would have been impossible for me to have them signed…I believed him at first but denied that I signed ANYTHING because I never did.

Now the truth comes out and both prints were out in the market so the guy who traded them might have given us the real thing just as I suspected.

SHARE THIS and READ THIS the two pics prove it all. The one pic is Piper signing for Chris that I got from his own Instagram..The other picture is the second print that just was brought to my attention last night. A fan bought it from Chris at Wizard World in Ohio back in February and he measured it too last night for us. For the record I have zero relation with that fan and someone brought it to our attention last night because they remember his posts from a website The guy who bought the pictures came out last night with the story himself confirming he bought the pictures in Ohio from Chris….I also did not trade with this guy but the fact that they were out there in the market proves I was not lying and I will have more proof when I get them certified!!!

Read on to find out the TRUTH

If you are a wrestling journalist or run a website I BEG YOU TO PRINT THIS STORY!!!!!! DO THE RIGHT THING AND SHARE THIS AND SPREAD THIS!!!


I am sitting here in utter shock and disgust. This is the worst case of cyber bullying I have ever seen in my life. What just occurred over the course of the last several hours proves that I was never lying.

When I first made the trade and saw the signatures they looked 100%. I stated that I only deal with people that I know and trust and I jumped into the trade because I believed these to be the real deal. Roddy is my favorite of all time and I have tons of his stuff signed I know what they look like. I made the trade and everything I said was the truth. When I went and bought more it was never to forge anything. Like I said I bought the other art too because they looked great and I sell this stuff for a living.

When Chris contacted me and attacked me right off the bat without even asking me a single thing, I was on the defense the entire time. He called me a fake, liar and a fraud. He blocked me when I tried to call him, email him and his GF blocked me as well. They brought up my past and labeled me a monster which I am not. They smeared my name and companies name all over the internet. They had every website talking about it and all over twitter. They tried to bring me down and ruin my livelihood.

Chris claimed that these were the first time these were EVER brought to a show. He told me before I was blocked and he boosted where ever he could that there was NO WAY that I could ever get my hands on these prints. He buried me and the haters took the ball and ran with it. It quickly turned into a lynching and I was guilty already without any defense. I read the stuff and it quickly turned from pictures being forged to me being a monster. I read and saved everything!!

Yesterday afternoon I felt so much pressure to do something. Than Xpac reached out to me and told me he saw the guy and the deal go down with the trade. My haters were quick to attack and say it was more bulls--t. This is no secret and Sean will tell you this, we had a rocky relationship over the past year. This was our first time working together in years. He would NEVER stick up for me and lie if he thought for one second I did what this guy Chris said I did. He would have f--king buried me but he stuck up for me. You can poke holes in the story all you want, but Sean would not defend me if this was made up. Why would Sean allow me to forge pictures of Roddy Piper a fellow wrestler who just passed away.

I went to bed last night at 4AM collecting more evidence and I knew that my haters would always hate. Trust me I have been dealing with this for a long time. You can't please everyone. I knew in my heart that I did not do ANYTHING of the sort. I said it before and I will say it again…THIS IS MY LIFE why would I forge a few pictures from this guy for a few hundred bucks when I have plenty of Piper pics signed and ruin my reputation? I wouldn't that is the bottom line.

Today I woke up and this guy was still attacking me. Telling people that if I were in the same room with him there would be trouble. Saying that he is getting his people to contact people that I work with in wrestling. He was out to ruin me more and was trying to get as many people to jump on board. He made threats, and kept on going and going.

Than a few hours ago I was approached by someone who told me about their friend who bought these from Chris back in February. REMEMBER CHRIS SAID THESE PRINTS WERE NEVER ON SALE BEFORE THIS WEEKEND!!!! HE CALLED ME A LIAR AND SPECIFICALLY SAID THERE WAS NO WAY THAT I COULD HAVE GOT THEM.

Between now and February Roddy did a ton of signings. He was in Boston because the promoter of that event just reached out and told me!!! He was in MD two weeks ago for my friend down in MCW. There were plenty of places fans could have met Roddy and sign these prints that WERE NEVER SOLD BEFORE!!!! CHRIS got caught in a lie because they were sold before. Roddy was also at the Big Apple Con in March. Keep in mind folks we were told and I was told I am a fraud because these prints were never sold before.

Than just a hour ago I was put in contact with the actual person who bought these from Chris at this convention in February in Ohio. He told me he bought them and just measured them and guess what they are all 11X17. Keep in mind there was NO WAY I COULD HAVE EVER GOT THEM BECAUSE THEY WERE NEVER SOLD BEFORE!!!! I don't know why this guy would try to do this to me. He lied he has been selling them all year.

By the way here is the link for you to read yourself from this guy who bought them from Chris including a picture he just took of the picture with a ruler

You will also see his original post from Feb of 2015 talking about buying these pictures. So for the haters that say this was just posted its impossible and I personally do not even know this guy. It was brought to my attention and thank god it was.

I tried so hard to talk to Chris and all he did was turn his back on me. I tried to work things out and have a civil conversation but Chris went to far and the damage has been done to my reputation. All you have to do is go on twitter and you will see all the hate and nasty comments about myself. If you never knew me, you now know me as a scumbag guy who you would never do business with and to top if off they tie in all over the place lies from 10 years ago which were unfounded and not true.

I don't want any apology from this guy, because we are way past that. I know what I am going to do here and I hope that people smarten up and don't judge other people on one persons opinion. There is an important lesson to be learned here. How would you like this to happen to someone you loved or your friend. It's not a good feeling being in my shoes today after this attack.

I am just happy that more than enough truth has just come out and everything that this guy claimed was not true. I am in shock and also very depressed on how I had to spend my last 48 hours. I am emotionally drained and scared from this guy.

I am going to go further and get the autographs certified and show you the results and you will see they are legit and I NEVER lied!!!

The picture you are looking at is a picture that the guy just took of the print he bought from Chris in Feb and look he even measured it and its the same size how about those apples.

I f you have ever been bullied in your life I must say it is one of the most hurtful feelings that a person can endure leavening you feeling utterly defenseless. I believe cyber bulling to be that much worse because you are unable to actually face your attackers. I have spent nearly half my life living under a cloud and being accused of things I never committed. Guilty is the verdict handed to me always before I can explain, before I even understand the situation, always guilty. Those who attack never really understand how much words hurt or how much harm they can do. I'm not hear to defend myself from my past, I wasted to many years trying to convince the inconvincible. I continued on in my work because it is all I have ever known and all I have ever loved. I can empathize so much with those pushed to the brink and beyond by bullies looking for a cheap laugh or trying to make themselves feel better about themselves by tearing another down. If I could have only dreamed that accepting a trade offer for some autographs would cause people to spill forth such negativity and hateful vile words I surly would have stayed in bed Saturday morning. With the help of the most wonderful loyal people I could have wished for it was shown that these "art prints" in question have been around for quite some time. I have already sent the autographs in question to one of the leading autograph authenticators in the world and will post the results as soon as I have them. I made every attempt to handle this as a gentleman but was met with such venom and animosity that at times being exposed to the words I read nearly brought me to tears. Enduring messages from people who would use my own image to mock me, contacting my colleagues with lies, sitting by while everyone had a good laugh at my expense. I want to reach out to those who have been bullied and I want you to know that no matter what anyone says about you they can not steal who you are inside. It is easy to say to someone to just stand up to a bully, much harder to do when it seems like the world is crashing down on you. I know I have right on my side and I will not allow myself to crumble under the weight of hate speech. I will continue to make attempts to turn a negative into a positive. I would like to announce that the unsigned items I purchased at the monster mania event will now be available with 100% of the proceeds going to Roddy Pipers anti bullying charity. I purchased 4 different unsigned art prints of Roddy Piper, They Live, The undertaker & Hulk Hogan as thunderlips. I will be selling these art prints for $30 each and I will be donating 100% of proceeds to a cause Roddy gave his time to called stand for the silent. Stand for the silent is a cause to help those who must endure the pain that any form of bully behavior may cause. Let's sell all of these prints and send the biggest check possible to a cause so just and make Roddy proud of us all. Once every print is sold I will be so honored to hold up the check as it is sent and hope Roddy is looking down on me with a smile. Regardless of any kindness I may do I realize I will never be able to cleanse the hatred out of the hearts of those who feel it for me but as long as I know that I am living my life in a way that will make those who love me proud I will never stop my quest to become a better man.


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