Rusev Takes Another Funny Shot At Lana, Legend In Town For King Of Trios, Note On Nova / Simon Dean

- A fan on Reddit noted that he ran into Diamond Dallas Page at the Philadelphia airport, and took a photo with the former WCW Champion. DDP said that he was in town for the CHIKARA King of Trios tournament.


- Rusev continues his great reign of terror over Lana on Twitter. He posted a picture of the Florida sky pre-storm, and insinuated Lana was a witch, casting a spell. You can see the tweet below.

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- Mike Bucci, who performed as Nova and Simon Dean announced this week that he's been named branch manager of a Chase Bank in Louisville, KY. He noted that his skills acquired in the wrestling business helped propel him outside of the business. Bucci has noted in the past he has no interest in returning to WWE.