Sean Waltman On WWE Not Signing AJ Styles, More On Waltman Shooting Meth Before Match With Styles

As noted earlier, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin recently spoke with Sean "X-Pac" Waltman on the family-friendly Steve Austin Show. During the interview, the conversation turned to the topic of A.J. Styles. Waltman said that WWE would be open to signing Styles now and told a story about shooting up meth prior to a match against Styles.


On the show, Austin asked Waltman why WWE will not sign A.J. Styles. Waltman replied that he thinks WWE will sign Styles now and the issue is really whether Styles would be willing to give up his present situation.

"He's probably happy with what he's doing," Waltman stated.

Waltman stated that he hopes that Styles signs with WWE and does it while he is still healthy. Waltman added, "from the time I worked with him, like, he's ten times better now."

As noted, Waltman also said that he injected meth before a TNA match against A.J. Styles in 2002. Waltman described his conduct as "so unfair" to Styles and "unprofessional." Despite that, Waltman acknowledged that they went out and "had one hell of a match."


"I was in the bathroom stall the whole time and didn't get one thing called before we went out there," Waltman said. "I just told him, 'I'll see you out there'."

Waltman said that he recently was on a show with Styles and had a chance to apologize to him for that incident.

"I should have apologized to him a long time before that," Waltman admitted.

In addition to talking about A.J. Styles, Waltman and Austin discussed Waltman's WWF debut, what professional wrestling territories they would visit with a time machine, and much more. Click here to listen to the rest of the show.

Source: The Steve Austin Show