The Great Khali On Vince McMaon Hugging Him After John Cena Match, Wrestling School, Painkillers

The Indian Express recently profiled The Great Khali's wrestling school, the Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) academy. The full interview is at this link. Below are a few quotes:

Working with John Cena and Vince McMahon's reaction:

"A good match is about the chemistry between opponents. I loved working with Cena. He was always receptive to my ideas, even if they weren't good. Because he was ready to try things, we delivered a great match. When we got backstage, McMahon hugged me and said I had put on a great show."

Receiving painkillers from Randy Orton early in his career to help with knee pain:

"The pills were so strong that I couldn't feel my legs. My foot kept slipping and I fell."

Not needing to run his wrestling school that's losing money:

"But I want to. I still want to keep some connection with this industry. This was something I was born to do. I was always meant to be Khali. I dream of wrestling all the time. And then I get up and I realise that I am not wrestling anymore. But I still keep my pants with me both in India and in Houston. You never know."

Source: Indian Express


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