Last week on Total Divas: Nattie lies to TJ. This week on Total Divas: Nattie lies to TJ some more.

Naomi is gearing up for her heel turn. She doesn’t feel comfortable in her new persona but she’s doing OK in it. Her husband helps her work on her new character. She also has an absurdly cool pair of light-up sneakers as part of her new act. I want them.

Later on, Alicia decides Naomi isn’t getting enough into character and needs to be a “bad girl” in public so she throws a drink at her. As you do. Oddly, Naomi gets kicked out of a restaurant. Even though Alicia was the one who started the thing altercation. Weird. Between this and trying to get in between Wade and his new girlfriend, Alicia is fast coming off as very unlikable.

Things end up on a high note for her when her turn is judged a resounding success. Hopefully she avoids going to bars with Alicia in the future too.

Nattie and TJ are moving into their dream home. They’re bringing along a giant cardboard cut out Bret Hart for some reason. Nattie’s sister Jenni is helping. It turns out TJ doesn’t really like Nattie’s sister Jenni. And Nattie doesn’t like TJ’s sister. What an odd thing to admit on national television. You think this will make Thanksgiving and Christmas a little awkward?

Nattie didn’t tell TJ that her sister is moving in with them for a while. A big storyline in this show seems to be “Nattie not telling her husband” stuff. Only instead of learning her lesson she just keeps doing it over and over again. I guess now TJ is going to go brood and watch more Japanese wrestling tapes.

Later she tells the Bella twins about her predicament. They take TJ’s side, as any sane person would, and Nattie gets annoyed. “You’re supposed to be my friends!” Oh, Nattie. You know things are bad when the Bellas are the voice of reason.

Later Nattie comes clean to TJ and the rest of her family about everything. The sister moved in. She doesn’t like her wedding ring. She broke the lion’s head. She hates TJ’s Japanese wrestling tapes. She was on the grassy knoll.

In another subplot, Brie and Nikki learn Bryan’s wrestling career might be over. Nikki?who couldn’t stand Bryan two weeks ago, remember??is utterly distraught and grief-stricken. She’s also unsettled by how casually Brie seems to be taking the news. Selfies? Laughing? Is she in denial?

Later Brie explains that she doesn’t want to panic because it’s out of her hands and freaking out makes other freak out.

So Nattie learned that lying to her husband is wrong and Nikki learned that just because Brie isn’t walking down the corridor sobbing her heart out doesn’t mean she’s not still upset. Man, a lot of this show seems to be people learning stuff you’d think they’d know already.

Next week on Total Divas: TJ seeks marriage advice from the Bret Hart cardboard cutout. And watches more Japanese wrestling tapes.