Update On New Gimmicks For Several WWE Talents

It appears there are several gimmick changes coming for some lower card WWE talents, with a couple of them debuting this weekend at WWE live events.

As we mentioned when the Hulk Hogan situation exploded, Curtis Axel abandoned the "AxelMania" gimmick, as all mentions and references to Hogan were removed. Instead, Axel has been wrestling as himself, wearing cargo shorts in the ring.

His partner of late, Damien Sandow, may have abandoned the "Macho Mandow" persona, which was a parody of "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Macho Mandow's profile remains as-is on WWE.com, although he has been performing under the Sandow persona on house shows.

PWInsider has speculated that Sandow may adopt a rapping gimmick. Sandow appeared on WWE's gaming channel alongside Xavier Woods speaking in rhyme. You can see the video above.

As we mentioned earlier, Adam Rose and Brad Maddox ran a new gimmick this weekend as well. The two appeared in somewhat of a fitness gimmick, coming out in towels to take on Axel and Sandow. Adam Rose had been teasing a new persona on social media of late. You can see a photo of the two below.


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