The Kingston Whig Standard did a full profile story on Road Warrior Animal to promote his guest referee apperance at the August 14th Great North Wrestling event at the Brockville Memorial Center. During the interview, Animal was asked if he can see himself returning to WWE.

“I doubt it,” Animal said. “I tried to become a coach and give back what I know in this business. How do you have guys coaching guys to be in a Super Bowl who’ve never been in the Super Bowl? If they don’t want anybody who’s been to the big dance coaching the guys, that’s on them.”

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Animal noted that he had tried to go back to WWE in the past, and is now throwing his support being a new upstart wrestling promotion called “Revolution.”

“There’s a new wrestling company starting up called Revolution. It’s out of Vegas. They’re going to back to basics, going back to kayfabe. Guys are going to build their own branding. It’s a different philosophy and it’s going to be a different niche and no six-sided ring. Leave that to Jeff Jarrett and his guys. I won’t mention any names but some of the guys that are involved are all former world champs.

“I’ll put my talents into that. I’m not going to spin my wheels and beg to go to WWE anymore. I’m not doing that. I’ve asked long enough, with my brother working there, and not getting a positive response. I’ve never burned a bridge with WWE, so I’m tired of trying, to be quite honest.”

You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

Source: The Kingston Whig Standard