WWE Superstars Recap (8/22): Open Challenge, Superstar Returns To TV, Another Unusual Pairing, More

Welcome to this week's WWE Superstars coverage from Wrestling Inc. Tonight's show serves as the very last before the big SummerSlam weekend.

- Adam Rose comes out with new gear, calls himself a party pooper and makes an open challenge. A returning Curtis Axel answers to a nice pop.

Adam Rose vs. Curtis Axel

Rose attacks early, and lands several elbow drops for a two count. Rose applies a chinlock, but Axel battles out and scores a big knee to the face for two. Rose comes back with a neckbreaker and a big splash to the back of a doubled over Axel, but only gets a two count. Axel hits the Axehole for the win.

Winner: Curtis Axel via pinfall (Axehole)

- Raw recaps a' plenty, as is tradition.

R-Truth & Fandango vs. The Ascension

Truth and Fandango gain control early, with a big dropkick from Fandango to Viktor. Truth gets the tag and lands a dropkick of his own, which sends Conor outside the ring. The Ascension are able to push Truth back into the corner, where Viktor clocks him with a huge uppercut for two. Konor and Viktor take turns beating down Truth into the corner.

The Ascension spend the next several minutes putting the boots to Truth, and placing him in slow, methodical submission holds. Truth finally takes out Conor and makes a tag to Fandango, who cleans house with a big kick and a Falcon Arrow, but Conor breaks up the three count. Conor also runs Truth into the apron and distracts Fandango, causing him to eat a Viktor STO. Fall of Man, and The Ascension win.

Winners: The Ascension via pinfall (Fall of Man)

The Ascension now have two wins in the past week after not having a televised victory since June. Fandango and R-Truth were an unusual matchup, but no more unusual than Fandango teaming with Swagger last week. That's it for WWE Superstars!


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