WWE Tough Enough Finale Recap: Winners Announced, Cesaro And Alicia Fox Work Matches With Cast

Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live Tough Enough coverage. Tonight we'll see the final four contestants working matches with Alicia Fox and Cesaro, as well as find out who the two winners are.

Renee Young and Chris Jericho introduce our judges- Paige, Miz and Daniel Bryan.


Amanda accuses Sara of being a ring rat again, and Sara says that Amanda is a b—h. Amanda has one last chance to endear herself to fans, and instead attacks the girl-next-door. Not smart

The contestants talk with Jericho about their gear, promos and entrance music for their matches. Cesaro and Alicia Fox are introduced, and they'll be facing the contestants.

- Amanda kisses ass on the mic as she comes out to the ring, but she certainly looks the part. She invites everyone to a party tonight except for the Miz, because he has the money maker, and she has the money shaker.

Mandy Rose/Amanda vs. Alicia Fox

Amanda has three big botches early on. Big ones, but comes back and lands a nice head scissors. She gets clotheslined hard and just lays there before getting up and hitting the Bo Dog for two. Scissor Kick from Alica kills Amanda. Three count. This was bad.


Winner: Alicia Fox via pinfall (Scissors Kick)

This match summed up:

@WrestlingInc end this god think of the children

? Gregorio Espinal(@NycKid13) August 26, 2015

- Sara Lee calls herself Hope, and says she's proved doubters and naysayers wrong. It was corny

Sara Lee/Hope vs. Alicia Fox

Sara locks up wrong, headlocks wrong, kicks wrong, sells wrong chokes in the corner wrong. She takes a nice suplex, and does the Russian legsweep well. The armbar, not so much. Alicia botches a scissors kick to win. This was terrible.

Winner: Alicia Fox via pinfall (Scissors Kick)

- Chris Jericho teases announcing the winner, but says they will at the end of the show. Huge "Y2J" chants break out.

- ZZ cuts a promo and does fairly well.

ZZ/King of the Bayou vs. Cesaro

ZZ does really, really well early on. He sells well and moves much better than expected. Cesaro wins with a crossface, but this wasn't bad at all. ZZ did awesome.

Winner: Cesaro via submission (Crossface)

- Josh's match is up next. His promo isn't good at all, but he looks the part.

Josh/The Yeti vs. Cesaro

The two bull each other around, but Cesaro KILLS Josh with a European uppercut and double foot stomp that both get sold well. Josh botches a spot but hits a clothesline and a running powerslam. Neutralizer, pin. Best match of the night.


Winner: Cesaro via pin (Neutralizer)

- Triple H is there to award the contracts. Sara wins the female portion with 64 percent to Amanda's 36. Josh wins the male side with 70 percent to ZZ's 30.