Average WWE RAW And SmackDown Ratings For July 2015, Major Growth For WWE's Shop Website

- WWE RAW averaged a 2.66 rating with 3.67 million viewers in July 2015. This is down 11% in ratings and 15% in viewership from July 2014, which averaged a 2.99 rating with 4.32 million viewers. July 2013 averaged a 2.97 rating with 4.00 million viewers while July 2012 averaged a 3.35 rating with 4.91 million viewers. RAW viewers per home for July 2015 were 1.44, down from 1.49 per home in 2014 and 1.37 per home in 2013.

- WWE SmackDown averaged a 1.70 rating with 2.32 million viewers for July 2015, down 4% in ratings and 8% in viewership from July 2014, even though the show was on Friday nights and one of the episodes fell on July 4th. Excluding that holiday episode, the ratings are down 11% at a 1.91 average and the viewership is down 15% from July 2014 with a 2.72 million average. SmackDown averaged a 1.79 rating with 2.41 million viewers in 2013 and a 1.92 rating with 2.78 million viewers in 2012. SmackDown averaged 1.46 viewers per home in July of this year.

- WWE's Shop website processed 1,452 orders per day in July 2015. This is up 67% from 871 per day in 2014, 774 per day in 2013 and 548 per day in 2012.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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