Backstage News On Why GFW Has Postponed Upcoming Live Events In Texas

- As noted, Global Force Wrestling quietly announced this weekend that their upcoming Texas live events are being postponed until 2016 some time.

PWInsider notes that the main reason for the change appears to be Jeff Jarrett going to the UK that week for GFW business. With GFW in its current state, they don't want to run an event without Jarrett there to direct things.

There were also timing issues with that weekend as some of the talents already had Japanese commitments and even the "Legend" that they were bringing in that weekend as the special guest had to be changed.

There was also some GFW concern over WWE and NXT running in the same markets this month during Night of Champions weekend as it may have been harder for GFW to follow WWE in that market just a few weeks later.

Source: PWInsider


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