Backstage Talk On Chad Gable In WWE NXT, Miz On RAW Slip Up, Steve Austin - ECW, Austin 2K16 Pics

- While there's a feeling that Chad Gable has some momentum in WWE NXT now that he's being used on TV more, notes that there are people in the company who believe Gable is too small to be a top Superstar.

- As seen on last night's RAW during MizTV with The Wyatt Family, The Miz referred to Night of Champions as Hell In a Cell. He addressed the slip-up on Twitter:

- It appears Steve Austin vs. Mikey Whipwreck from ECW November to Remember 1995 will be one of the matches featured in the WWE 2K16 Showcase Mode. We posted the roster image and screenshots of "Stunning" Steve Austin from WWE 2K16 on our Instagram account earlier this morning, which you can check out below. You can follow us on Instagram at and check out many more screenshots and roster images from the game, include images for The Terminator, The Undertaker (American Badass), Brian Pillman, Bray Wyatt, Baron Corbin, The New Day, The Usos and more.

Today's last #WWE2K16 screenshot is "Stunning" Steve Austin circa 1994

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...well, Mikey is in #WWE2K16 because he's facing "Superstar" Steve Austin at the ECW Arena!

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Finally, "Stunning" Steve Austin is in #WWE2K16 and that better mean that the Fuller Leglock is as well.

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