Batista - Robert De Niro Movie Trailer, The Rock Talks Keys To Success, Cameron's Campaign

- As noted, Batista is starring in "Heist" with Robert De Niro, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Gina Carano and Morris Chestnut. The trailer is in the video above. The movie comes out via on demand and a limited theatrical release on November 13th. Batista tweeted a link to the trailer and wrote, "Check it out! I may have 2 films out at once! Feeling a little @therock esque! A very little! but still.."

- As a part of her "Wrong #" anti-bullying campaign, Cameron has been asking fans to share their stories with the #shareyourstory hashtag. She will be hosting a Twitter Q&A on Saturday afternoon at 1:30pm EST. She's also responding to many fans who are using the hashtag and wrote the following when one user gave her props for the campaign:

- The Rock posted the following on the keys to success today:


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