Batista Starring In Upcoming Movie With Bruce Willis, Update On Next GFW Amped TV Tapings

- Deadline reports that former WWE Champion Batista has signed on to star in "Marauders" with Bruce Willis and Christopher Meloni.

The action-thriller is directed by Steven C. Miller and it will be released through Lionsgate Premiere. Filming begins later this month in Ohio.


The movie follows an FBI agent on the trail of bank robbers who give the stolen money to charity. During the investigation, the agent discovers the trail of secrets that the owner of a bank, played by Willis, has protected.

- Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling sent the following today:

Las Vegas ? Global Force Wrestling AMPED returns to Las Vegas on October 23rd and today we are announcing some of the names scheduled to appear at the AMPED TV taping next month in Las Vegas!

PJ Black, Jigsaw, Christina Von Eerie, "Bullet Babe" Amber Gallows, Chris Mordetzky, Bobby Roode, Reno SCUM and The Bollywood Boyz will be in Vegas on October 23rd! Get AMPED on October 23rd and watch the greatest professional wrestlers in the world live and in person!


We will be announcing more names and match-ups as we get closer to AMPED! Tickets are on sale now. Visit for information on tickets, travel packages and the meet and greet that will take place prior to AMPED!