Bayley Talks WWE Divas Revolution, Possibly Turning Heel, Sasha Banks, WrestleMania 32, More

- As seen above, Title Match Wrestling recently spoke with WWE NXT Women's Champion Bayley at the recent NXT debut in Houston, Texas. Below are highlights:

* She talked about how NXT traveling outside of Florida has a different atmosphere and the crowds are usually on fire


* She still thinks it's weird to hear she's one of the most popular women's wrestlers and says she's just a "normal kid." She says everyone enjoys hugs and high-fives so her entrance is a feel-good thing. Bayley says she's still not used to the reaction but is very grateful for her fans

* Regarding the Ironwomen Match against Sasha Banks at "Takeover: Respect" next month, she's excited. She gets teary-eyed when thinking about it. She and Sasha thought Brooklyn may have been the last time they faced each other for a while. She says no matter what happens, people are going to look back in 15 years and see them in the first match of this kind and that's amazing

* Regarding possibly turning heel, Bayley says she's been working at the art of pro wrestling for 7 years and has studied the various aspects she needs to learn to be successful and she would be ready for whatever they need her to do. With that said, her current character is really her and the connection with the fans is natural. She hopes they don't want her turning heel any time soon but maybe in a few years or so


* She was asked about WrestleMania 32 next year and said she hopes she's on the card. She talks about how the Divas Revolution is building and the NXT Divas are making history. She says it would be great to represent NXT at WrestleMania but she's grateful for any role in Dallas next year

* She says she loves the competition in wrestling and that's exactly what the Divas Revolution is. She says they're bringing back the pro wrestling and not just NXT, it's everyone in WWE. She says they're all working together to make it special and mean something, to make people notice women's wrestling again. Bayley called it a "team thing" and said the Divas are all willing to go beyond their limits to make it special