Recently, Booker T was the special guest on the Wrestling Compadres Slamcast. During the interview, Booker T shared his thoughts on Tough Enough.

While Booker T claimed to have had a great time working on Tough Enough, he noted that he is not sure whether the show will be picked up for another season. Booker T was optimistic that even if USA Network does not bring back the show, it may be aired on the WWE Network.

Booker T said that he hopes that if the show comes back, it will be revamped to let the WWE Universe vote on the bottom three contestants instead of voting on the contestant who gets kicked off of the show each week.

“Let the host or whoever the judges [are] actually vote the guy off because we are actually looking for the next Tough Enough winner, not the next reality [show] superstar.”

According to Booker T, the wrong woman won while the right man won. Amanda Saccomanno and Josh Bredl should have won in Booker T’s view. Booker T went on to say that he hopes that Giorgia Piscina and Patrick Clark get a chance to make it in the WWE as well.

“I hope Giorgia gets a chance to make it back [to WWE]. She should have been the one. She was the overall winner as far as the girls go as far as I’m concerned,” Booker T said. “Patrick is the guy I hope I see come back. He’s an independent wrestler. He’s still out there doing his thing out there on the independent circuit trying to make his way to the big time, so hopefully the hard work for him will actually pay off.”

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As for ZZ Loupe, Booker T said that he did not take the competition serious enough and that if he really hopes to make it in the WWE he has to hit the gym and work out. Booker T suspected that the competition in NXT may have been too fierce for Loupe.

In addition to talking about Tough Enough, Booker T discussed the New Day being the hottest thing on WWE television right now and the possibility of Harlem Heat reuniting to face off against the Dudley Boyz at WrestleMania 32. Click here to listen to the whole podcast.

Source: The Wrestling Compadres Slamcast