Booker T Talks About His New TV Show, Trying To Get His Promotion Syndicated, His Podcast, More

Booker T spoke to Bill Apter recently. You can check out the highlights below, or see the full interview above.

* He says that he's doing a radio show for CBS Radio and a podcast called Heated Conversation. Booker says that his show is a lot about boxing, MMA, and current events. The show is on Sports Radio 610 in Houston, and is available on Play.It.

* Booker said that he's going to have Evander Holyfield on the show, and has had Anthony "Rumble" Johnson and Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson on the show as well.

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* Booker talks about his wrestling school, and says he's secured a 21,000 square feet building that will house the arena and school.

* He has a show debuting on September 20 on the local CW affiliate channel 39 in Houston. It's the same channel Paul Boesch used to run. The show will also be streamed.

* Booker T hopes to eventually have Reality Of Wrestling syndicated in the future.

* He says that Rich Brennan started with him Reality of Wrestling, and now Brennan is his boss on Smackdown.


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